“The Right Society” censorship?

At home I am pretty steeped in a Democratic culture; my wife is a staunch Democrat, as are her parents and mine.  I consider myself an independent, so to balance myself out I follow a couple of Republican blogs.

Recently I ran across a post complaining about an objectionable video being show at a local high school – interesting to me because (a) I’m a new father, and (b) it’s a local school.  I posted a response to the post, thinking to start an interesting discussion.  Oddly, when I checked back a couple days later, my response was gone!  My comments were quite unobjectionable; I basically said that I agreed with the three points listed at the end of the article.  So I posted another response, noting that my previous comment had disappeared, and asking if they were having any technical problems.  That comment has now also disappeared.

Well, I don’t know for sure what’s going on here, but it seems reasonably likely that my comments are simply not welcome on that site.  I believe I will unsubscribe.

Comments (7)

  1. Maybe their comments engine is broken? I see no other comments at all on that site.

  2. Not sure where you are looking – I do see comments on other posts in the blog. I also recall seeing my reponse immediately after I posted it – it only disappeared later.

  3. Eric Holton says:

    I saw no comments on that post at all, I did see a link to a forum for discussion, so maybe they want the comments only in the forum?

  4. I don’t recall if I posted a comment on the blog entry or in the forum, but I do see comments posted on other entries in that blog.

  5. Louis Parks says:

    A trackback to this blog post is there. How odd.

  6. Lauri says:

    Good catch Bill and thanks for keeping this honest. The thread you posted too got moved by one of our moderators because a parent posted some private information about a teacher at the local school. I’ll get it moved back into the public.

    There are some very disturbing things happening at our schools and we appreciate any support we can get from the community.

  7. Thanks Lauri! I’m glad to hear it was just an accident.

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