Do you reload while you are brushing your teeth?

Just out of curiosity, how many people actually reload the toothbrush with toothpaste between doing the upper and lower teeth?  How many think one load of paste is enough for both? (I admit I fall in the latter category.)


I know why moths fly toward light…

You see, back in the age of the mighty civilization of the dinosaurs, they had begun experimenting with genetic engineering.  One of their earlier attempts was to introduce glow-in-the-dark leaves on trees.  This provided illumination at night, and was quite picturesque.  These trees survived the dinosaurs that created them; but not by much.  The moths…


Trucks should mount a wide-screen TV on the back

 While I was in traffic this morning, I was pondering the fact that I really don’t like being stuck behind a truck or other large vehicle, in stop-and-go traffic.  I realized that I really like to be able to see what’s coming up on the road, and what to expect.  So maybe, when video technology…


high school robots need your help

I just ran across this interesting solicitation: a San Francisco high school competing in a robotic basketball competition, who did so unexpectedly well that they are going to Nationals!  Unfortunately, they apparently didn’t budget for winning, and their school isn’t ponying up the dough.  So if you want to help these kids out, go make…


video sunglasses should be wireless

 I just ran across this article describing a pair of sunglasses with a video display built into it.  Ok, cool concept and all, but in this day and age, shouldn’t the input be wireless? Ok, I can see there are power and bandwidth implications – but don’t you agree that a self-contained wireless pair of…


What is an ‘anonymous’ sender?

A bit of terminology discussion here… In a recent article, Yasser introduced this following use of the word ‘anonymous’: “An application comes to life on the network by using an Indigo port, which acts as the gateway between the application and the network. Each port is identified by a unique URI known as the port’s…


Pat Helland blogging

 Wow, Pat Helland is blogging – that’s too cool. Update: for those who don’t know of Pat – he is very knowledgeable about distributed architecture issues, and also has a wonderful way of explaining them.  If you ever get a chance to hear him talk, I recommend it.  Recently, for example, he coined the great…


DARPA Robot Racing – Who’s Watching?

I notice that the QID (the qualifying round) for the DARPA “Grand Challenge” robot race starts today.  I don’t see much up-to-date coverage of this – is anyone there, blogging it?  I would love to see a blow-by-blow account, if one exists.  I would *really* love to see video.


Rich Turner’s Indigo Blog

I’ve noticed that Rich Turner has been posting some excellent Indigo posts recently on his blog – go check it out! 


“The Right Society” censorship?

At home I am pretty steeped in a Democratic culture; my wife is a staunch Democrat, as are her parents and mine.  I consider myself an independent, so to balance myself out I follow a couple of Republican blogs. Recently I ran across a post complaining about an objectionable video being show at a local…