Atom RSS?

As a sideline follower of the development of the Atom syndication format and API, I was at first taken aback; then amused; by this phrase I saw on John Porcano’s blog:

“By the way, he added Atom RSS”

Has “RSS” really become so common that it no longer refers to a particular technical specification, but instead refers to blog syndication generally?  Has it really joined the ranks of Kleenex and Xerox?

If this is true, then of course we need to determine the appropriate pronunciation – is it “are-ess-ess”?  “russ”?  “ers” (as in, ‘terse’)?

Comments (6)

  1. Ferris Beuller says:

    Think of RSS as a smart bookmark list.

  2. Cindy says:

    Interesting point.

    And more … it shows how ATOM is deeply naturalizing itself in RSS world 😉

  3. John Porcaro says:

    Chock it up to "those freaking marketing guys" who just don’t know better…

    Seemed easier to say Atom RSS than "Atom Syndication".

    Reminds me of the first few days blogging. I get a handful of emails asking where my RSS feed was (I was using Blogger free then). I had NO IDEA what syndication was, let alone RSS. Of course, now I’m a NewsGator convert.

  4. NewsGator does rule – I have no regrets about that $30.

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  6. Louis Parks says:

    I was wondering about John’s statement too. I figured whether it was a typo or a new way or referring to syndication formats, I still knew what he was talking about. I was hoping the ATOM guys had formed a truce with the RSS guys. So much for that idea.

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