who will help the robots?

I’ve been
reading about this robotic
race that DARPA is setting up
from CA to Las Vegas.  I think it is very cool
that they would host such a thing, and it sucks that its very popularity is becoming
an obstacle.  Ideally DARPA would just suck it up, delay the race a bit, budget
some more money, and let everyone compete.  However, I understand that they are
a government agency and as such have a lot of hoops to jump through.  I wonder,
though, if someone else couldn’t step up.  Maybe some other interested
philanthropist or university could host a race for the contestants that DARPA declines. 
They could even have an online bake sale to raise the money – I’d be willing
to throw a few bucks in the hat, as long the race videos were made publicly available
on the internet!

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