Breaking [Serializable]

Doug is asking folks if we should change how [Serializable] works under partial-trust, to be more compatible with our upcoming XML serialization efforts.  Follow this link and let him know what you think.


skeptical about plastic memory technology

 I’ve seen a couple blog mentions recently about a ‘plastic’ memory technology being researched at Princeton and HP.  I have to say that I am extremely skeptical about this project.  For one thing, another 3-D (“memory in a cube”) project that I got excited about once was holographic memory – it seemed very promising, but…


Lego robot solves rubik’s cube

 Very cool – a design journal for a robot made of Legos that can solve a Rubik’s Cube:


Children growing up in a TiVo world

With my own little Lucy due in less than two months, I find articles like this one particularly interesting – a story of a family, a three-year-old daughter, and how she uses TV and expects it to act in a TiVo household.  I, of course, also have TiVo.  <grin> 


The /GS switch and ‘secure by default’

 Interesting article about the /GS switch for compiling more secure C++ programs, as well as some history and Whidbey futures for the feature:


The Blue Lady watches out for homeless Miami street children

 Amazing stories of God and Satan, Angels and Demons, and the wars between them – as recounted by homeless Miami children.  Really amazing stuff, a new and stirring mythology.


separated at birth?

Cameron Purdy spills deep family secrets about his brother Doug.  I think its funny as heck, you make up your own mind:ère_douglas 


who will help the robots?

I’ve been reading about this robotic race that DARPA is setting up from CA to Las Vegas.  I think it is very cool that they would host such a thing, and it sucks that its very popularity is becoming an obstacle.  Ideally DARPA would just suck it up, delay the race a bit, budget some…


VB Lover? Read On…

 Paul introduces a most excellent idea for a short video or ad targeting the proud VB programmer; here is a little snippet: “BASIC is the oldest Microsoft language, the most popular programming tool in the world and the best part of Visual Studio. My name is Mort, and I AM A VB PROGRAMMER!”