wierd connections

I just caught up on my hotmail account – I’ve been slacking, and haven’t looked at it for three weeks or so.  Oddly enough, I actually had a number of personal e-mails in there.  A good friend of mine who lives in Texas sent one of them, and mentioned that her daughter had turned her…


It sucks being sick

I’ve been sick since last thursday – took thur-fri off from work, suffered through the weekend, and then did the DayQuil thing today to get me through work.  DayQuil does a pretty good job, but it leaves me a bit light-headed.  Here’s hoping that a good night’s sleep will leave this thing behind me…


Time, once again, for the annual Ig-Nobel prizes!

If you, like me, enjoy science, and also enjoy the lighter side of life – then you probably already know about the annual Ig-Nobel prizes – celebrating some of the more “interesting” scientific efforts and discoveries of the past year.  On the off chance this is new to you, I encourage you to check out…


bluetooth ATMs?

 I was reading this: http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,60677,00.html And in particular noticed this: “Among the useful products on display was speech technology for ATMs that allows visually disabled or computer-nervous users to interact with automatic tellers by listening to a description of the onscreen options through a pair of headphones.” And I thought to myself, what they *really*…


MONO Bloggers

There are a number of MONO project bloggers whose aggregated entries can be found at this site; very educational.  Their RSS feed is: http://www.go-mono.com/monologue/index.rss


Your pain is my humor

I found this most excellent site which describes a number of (presumably) real-world stories, wherein salepeople of various stripes encounter any number of humorous (and often self-inflicted) obstacles.  Here is a little taste: “We drive back to the prospect’s building and sit in the visitor’s spot, mentally preparing and drinking frozen pop. When we’re ready…


blog the testing cost post

I send myself e-mail occasionally, so I can remember items that I want to blog about later.  (I only blog from home, and in fact only have blog software on my home machine – a little bit of practical self-control.)  Unfortunately, these self-addressed, non-stamped mails have been piling up recently, and in particular there is…


Chis Brumme on exceptions

I think Chris took exception when someone wrote that Suzanne Cook might be his equal in the technical blogging department – he has now given us a positively voluminous opus on exception handling.  If you like the gory details, you’ll love this one!