Macs suck – they really, really suck

Ok, prompted by this
Russell Beattie post
, I have to say that Macintosh computers really bite the big
one.  They are awful.  I can’t begin to describe how bad they are.

BHWaaahahahaha!  I just can’t keep a straight face.  Really, I think
Macs are pretty cool, especially with the solid Mach core it has these days. 
I guess I’m just not destined for blog stardom by Russell’s criteria. 

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  1. steven says:

    oh man are you ever in for it now 🙂

  2. Man, all of a sudden this ancient post is getting responses – what’s up with that?

  3. Paperclip Pirate says:

    Oh goddess. Macs really, really suck. O_o They’re so slow…and those damn keyboards. They suck, too. Everything has to be specially made for Macs, and it’s a pain in the ass trying to make sure the coding on my website shows up on both Mac and PCs. Half of the HTML codes never show up. And they have the wost mice. Ok, enough of that rant.

  4. sammcj2000 says:

    yuk, macs really really really do suck,

    they just dont have the raw power to process anything, sure they were better for graphics, IN THE 80’s PEOPLE, i mean ffs, get with the times, i also love the way you have to pay for EVERY little update on a mac, ROFL

    man, what kinda loosers would use them?

  5. Dr. Spewfy says:

    Man Ap3t must be a Geekburger,

    Guess what? I have a 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel… ON MY MAC!! Guess what else… I am also an a PC user, and I go through 3 PCs to every mac I have bought. What I mean by this is that My 533 Mhz G4 out performs my 2.8 Ghz PC (DDR400). My PC is awesome… for stuff like gaming. Playing games on a Mac sucks because almost all of the games are ports from PC games… I do have applications like Photoshop and Macromedia Studio MX, and they are no where near as fast on my PC as they are on my Mac. Also, when you get into PROFESSIONAL media applications, there is a lot of software out there that only exists for Macs, ie. MOTU Digital Performer, Final Cut Pro, and DVD studio Pro.

    By the way, don’t even reply to this and try to argue that Premier is a pro video app… IT IS THE SUCKIEST VIDEO EDITOR EVER MADE… Avid rocks, but it is very common knowldege that it runs best on a Mac not a PC junkbox. If you reply to this and say anything abou a Media 100, I will try to pee on you.

  6. Macs Suck says:

    They suck. Our school uses them on Servers and they still suck. They’re hooked up to numerous networks, and still…. they’re slow and they suck. Try saving a webz Edit page and it reloads the url, making you lose all your data. Once again, they suck.

  7. Ant says:

    Dude you’re a retard, Macromedia Studio MX does not run faster on a Mac, neither does Photoshop, try building a custom PC for 1/3 the price and there are a shiload of better PROFESSIONAL apps on PC than Mac, fucking tons, Video Pinnacle studio anyone? And there are shitloads more.

    Mac is not for Professionals, its for losers who choose a case over power. My PC is custom built by me, and it runs faster than a G4 or a G5, and its only a 2.4 P4, how sad is that? I just optimize my OS buy the good parts, and BOOM faster machine for 1/3 the price. And yes I do work with Apples, GUESS WHAT !!! A god damn G4 can’t run my webpage! But a Intel Celeron at HALF the clock speed runs my FLASH ANIMATIONS 4 TIMES FASTER, how can Marcromedia Studio MX be better on a G4 when you can’t even preview animations at anything higher than 8 frames per second, yet the animation runs FULL 30-40 on a Celeron!


  8. ross says:

    What the f***? Macs are better for graphics, have you ever used a G5 in your life? Well if you haven’t then here’s some info for you ITS THE FASTEST PUBLICLY AVAILABLE COMPUTER IN THE WORLD! And it runs on a 64-bit processor. (Take that you 32 bit losers) also, Apple practically created windows, here’s a rundown of what happened. Apple used Xerox ALTO technology, and made a machine that doesn’t take up 3 feet of space and cost 20k. Apple releases Mac. Bill Gates turns around and backstabs Apple by creating windows using stolen Mac technology (that’s right STOLEN, read apple confidential 2.0) while apple trusted Bill. Then he releases windows, so here’s what I say: if you are to stupid to realize that this IS NOT NEW AND IS STOLEN, then buy windows, because frankly, I don’t want you on my side

    -A devoted Mac user

  9. methuselah says:

    I use a Mac at work and i HATE IT !! Everything is geared towards DRAGGING. You DRAG files into different folders and hope it doesn’t drop into the wrong one. If you do its a pain in the ass to find it. You just cant right click (because there isn’t one) on a file and select delete or click on it and hit the delete button…nooooooooo… you have to DRAG it across the friggin desktop into the the trash can and hope it gets there without taking a detour into one of the open windows you have open. Since the mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel you can’t peruse pages easily either; instead you always have to click and DRAG the stupid scroll bar at the right side of the screen up and down and wait for the slow ass screen to refresh in order to review a document. Another thing is, if you know a better way of doing something at work by downloading and using cool program from the Internet (and help you increase work productivity), most likely it is written for Windows and there is no equivalent available for Mac. I’ve ran into this probem more than once… ARRGH! Sure it is pretty, but the Mac in my opinion is for retards who prefer aesthetics over functionality. With regard to Apple "practically" creating a windows GUI. All that means is that they did NOT. Don’t try and spin the facts. Repeat after me…"Steve Jobs stole the GUI from PARC’s Alto". As for the 64-bit processor, have you ever heard of SPARC64 or UltraSPARC or Athlon64 or Pentium4 EE? How about Alpha? LOL at your Macophile ignorance.

  10. Bob says:

    at my old school we were forced to use macs which were all networked together to a mac server platform. they would have us save our work every 5 minutes and the server would crash every week. that was in public school- where the people didn’t understand fractions in MIDDLE SCHOOL! now i go to a gifted school whcich uses pcs. no wonder the people there are gifted. on to how the new macs suck. they look like they were patched together at the last second by random drug addicts off the street. they sure perform like it, so they probably were. at my library they use macs for the electronic book finding system. i dread going there because i have to type something in with the inferior spring-loaded keyboard and then instead of being able to press enter to get to the next screen i have to put my hand on the mouse, do my best to push it along (if i rest my hand on it it will click) and then click on enter. i hate when it gives me multiple selection because instead of being able to use a mouse scroller i have to click on the arrows and there is no other way to scroll down. as for speed, the fastest the mac processors go is 2 ghz. no p4 goes into that range. also an amd athlon, though its respond frequency is 1.5-2.4 ghz, it performs like its 3-4.4 (depending on the fsb and motherboard). the mac company, seeing this, crammed two proccessors into the computer. this actually makes it worse. with two processors, a computer cannot run anything that reguires specific specs. also some people say graphics quality is better on a mac in terms of games. this is not true. the graphics qualitys are exactly the same on both as they both use the same chipsets. and a pc can have more RAM- up to 4 gigabytes. and the mac monitors just plain look like crap. not to mention the crt monitors are pixelized. now pcs- those look nice. i can imagine myself staring at a black-and-chrome monitor all day which is right next to a tall blue case with a see-thru window which can burn 3 cds at the same time, totally upgradeable as long as the proccessor is an amd athlon 64 fx 53… cant wait till june. lets see you mac users top that.

  11. Bob says:

    alright all i can say is that it doesnt seem like windows is based off of mac os. i have used both and the only similarity between them is desktop icons. the mac has that pull-menu thing and windows has the start menu and the taskbar. who says macs are user friendly because it sure doesn’t seem like it. when i got my first pc in 1998 my dad explained to me the basics and in two weeks i knew how to operate the thing. now at my school they used macs, and 6 years have passed and i’m still not clear on how to adjust the volume.

  12. bob says:

    and another thing- recent studies in high-grade professional studios and magazines have shown that a single amd athlon 64 can outperform dual g5s. and i think this is an insult to amd because their processor can probably outperform like 10 in a computer. also, even you mac users admit that the mouse the mac comes standard with sucks. ever realized it’s an apple product? the shitty keyboard is also a apple product. what’s the glory of a see-thru keyboard when it sucks in every other way. and as for the operating system- dragging the disk-in icon thing to the trash- had someone not explained to me how to eject the disk on a mac it would be stuck in there forever. and they take up too much space. i have a nice quaint desk on which my pc, tower, cd case, monitor and printer all rest but if i had gotten a mac there wouldn’t even be enough room for the monitor that’s how big the damn thing is. and so apple came up with an all-in-one lcd which is much worse in terms of specs than the huge tower and looks 10 times as bad as a 1950s computer. and it performs like it.

  13. Bob says:

    oh and by the why the apple company is so cheap it did’nt even use a full apple as it’s logo.

  14. Macs are stupid says:

    I hope you know that PC’s have 64 bit processors to which came out before Macs G5. For example the AMD FX 64 bitm or the prescott by intel whuch is alos 64 bit which is coming out soon

  15. Brian says:

    Ummm, to the person who said Macs created windows. Try Xerox ALTO, they created the first PC network, the first mouse, first GUI (windows). ALTO was forced to give it to both Microsoft and Apple.

    Oh, and the macs G5 (64 bit), the fastest processor in the world to run absolutley nothing. As far as I know Intel Xeon are publicaly avaiable as well.

    And quoting an apple source regarding stolen software is irresponsible. You will probably want a nuetral source.

    Oh, again, they stole everything from Xerox.

  16. Average pc clone monkey says:

    I like Bill gates, he a real great guy.

  17. Have you met him?

    On an unrelated note, this post seems to keep generating responses months after I posted it – every other post of mine has faded into the mists of time. What’s leading you folks to this particular post?

  18. James the mac lover says:

    once i inserted myself into a mac, it was terrible

  19. Vince says:

    Obviously you are all just PC toy users…gaming, web browsing, chatting, spouting off clueless opinions of which you know nothing about. If I could think as limited as all of you Mac haters, I might come to the same conclusion. Bob, if you really want to become a computer expert, try understanding the difference between RISC and CISC(-hybrid) architectures. The old Macs are dead…the new Macs live on strong. Oh, by the way, they’re not that slow Paperclip Pirate. The world’s third fastest computing cluster consists of 1100 Macs. Earth Simulator with 5120 CPUs and the Q at Los Alamos, with 3072 are first and second, respectively.

    I won’t even go into the security aspects of the other OS.


  20. Fred says:

    Macs are ok. they are easy to upgrade. all you need to do is thow out the system at apple’s can-buy-only-from-here price. Who doesn’t love beating pac-man 5000 times. Heres a video telling you why to should switch.


    <p><a href="">click here for the video</a></p>

    MAC’S SUCK!!! A little thing upgrades is just the reason. Yes, Mac claims they don’t need that, but what happens 5 years from now. Of course the best defense for you mac users is that a new game will come out, but no that is not the answer. And come on the reason people don’t make viruses for macs is because they know they are a virus. A plague rotting though to the outside world. No, Macs do not have better graphics than a pc. Why? Because video card companies design graphics cards for PCs.

    And thats why power-demanding games are only for pCs, because they don’t want to rewrite the program just for some petty old apple. The worst paid CEO works for Apple. Now, would something that works well have a terriblely paid CEO. NO! So this is why Apples should have been left to Minute Maid.

  21. harry says:

    the mac’s website is sllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. And i have dsl.

  22. Spudge says:


  23. tom says:

    Well i can across this by accident, but i have a view on the matter anyway.

    I am a PC user who was tempted 3 years ago by a mac. Now lets not be too insulting there are many problems with a mac, but there are a few good things too.

    Mac os i find very user friendly and effective. Its not virus infested and its fairly stable. As an OS it is better than windows. However the first point is that windows is far far more compatible, and i would rather give my money to microsoft and companies assosiated with PC’s because of apple grabbing the whole mac monopoly.

    Okay so you might be thinking that I think the Mac is better with its OS? Wrong, I find the best OS to be linux. It has the stability of the mac OS, but with far far more speed than windows, ultilises the hardware of your PC far more effectively, meaning like a mac, the specs can be lower(then becomes compariable to a high sepc window machine), but unlike the mac can be faster.

    For the compatibility I run a dual boot of xp pro and linux red hat.

    Ican buy my ram from a number of places, i have a choice of graphics card, both nvidia and ATI have different qualities so even in this one piece of hardware you can customise your PC to work best for what you want it for. Not to mention alternative cards too.

    Macs were once built on quality but are now just a status symbol (just take a look at my shoddy ipod, broken after 3 months along with many many others i have heard about).

    To show you some basic specs of a computer that will out run any mac, here it goes,

    althlon 2.4ghz 64 fx53(3800)

    2gb of 400mhz ddr(pc3200)(800mhz effective frontside bus)

    nforce3 motherboard

    radeon 256mb ddr3 800xt graphics card(the most recent)

    19" flat screen monitor/projector(for the home movies i video edit)

    There are other specs i could go on about all day, such as the motherboard, soo many useful ports from your basic firewire(use for my camcorder) to state of the art networking which makes my networkcards from 3 years ago look like something from the 80’s.

    This computer makes a G5 look like a joke, i have compared btw. And the price to build? a snidge under 1400 pounds(not including either my monitor or projector)! soooo much cheaper than the mac.

    If your able and have been using computers for a while linux isn’t a problem, obviously a mac user who isn’t quite so able may not hve even experienced linux and so might argue against something he /she doesn’t understand( I use redhat btw), but equally a solely windows user might not quite understand the power of linux(its visually far better than ugly windows, which inefficiently requires window blinds to be running to change the shell, but linux is also far better looking than macOS, because the shell is customisable and open source so you can make it as beautiful and userfriendly as you want).

    I use my computer for video editing and recording music (my sound card is external, the motherboard has surround sound but my sound card has 96khz output at 24bit!!!), so I know how proffesional software runs on a PC, and with my setup, I have never thought about a mac again, whos to say that mac wont pull something out of the hat, maybe open up the market, or maybe produce a cpu anything near to the athlon 64 fx53, its outstanding( i doubt this could happen). You see another side is that in the PC world there is competition for the hardware companies on every individual component. Okay so the mac has to be competitive with other computer companies but with the PC, competition starts on the component level, not the complete machine, unsuring faster components. Also i can build my PC unlike a mac.

  24. sonic says:

    uuh tom that pc would leave any computer with any OS in the dust easily.

  25. tom says:

    Indeed but it cost less than the most expensive Mac, in other words a Pc is, when properly setup far more bang for your buck compared to over priced macs.

  26. tom says:

    To add, what I was discussing as regards to the OS’s, is userbility and reliablity, something that is related to the make up of the OS. Everyone knows that windows is becoming a helfty OS(inefficient), and appart from compatibility it is behind the MacOS in a number of ways. So when comparing a windows based PC to a mac, the PC has more power, but the macOS tends to use the power it has far more effectively and is more stable(efficient). However the PC does win outright when you realise that the mac only has one possible OS, where as with PCs there exsists other possiblities, namely linux, which I find far more efficient with the hardware and over comes the downside of a windows PC, basically meaning a PC can win in all categories of what makes a good computer, over the mac.

  27. LOL says:

    I AM TEH AGREE!!!1!12!!one

  28. MacDano says:

    I tend to agree with most of what has been posted here as far as what Macs Vs. Windows can or cannot do. I have been using both for sometime now and can see that a "OS" war is fruitless. Hopefully one can take from all an preform to their liking without all the fuss. I do prefer macs because of thier architechture. The pc is an obviously great and calous machine.

    Unix, Linux, Microsoft, Be, MacOs and others can all be utilizied and scrutinized for there falts and excellent features.

    I am no person of creating sides or playing them.

    My personal favorite is Linux on the G4. So far it has been far the most hard of a time to configure, however once that is done I am hopefull that others/seekers of the best might also see a new horizon.

    Anyway have a great debate…


  29. PaWn says:

    Most of the posts i’ve read on here were made by mindless narrow minded computer junkies.

    Both systems were not made for the same exact thing, they really cannot be compaired with each other fully, if you really do your research, you’ll find that they both have there own certain advantages and disadvantages in different fields.

    The truth is apple has mostly been the innovator and inventor while Microsoft sits back and hogs all the attention by monopolizing the market, they’re both great assets to the computing industry in there own way. But aparently most people don’t see or understand these facts.

  30. I hat macs. We try to play games at school but they don’t work ! We have pcs at home and they kick Mac ass! You suck….macs suck!

  31. Joey says:

    What the hell are you talking about! Macs rule! Incubus rules!

  32. Snipa says:

    Anyone who hates macs are fucking idiots. Macs RULE pcs. They are better for graphics because of their proccesing power, they look cool (sleek and compact!), and of course they have a good operating system.

    So, if macs suck for graphics now (but ruled in the 80s) why is it that practicly EVERY piece of damn editing and compositing software is based on macs?! Avid is based around macs for christs sake!

    macs also have cool games. Anyone who hates macs are idiots. Period.

  33. No, they really do suck. Get a new Athlon 64 FX, a 10,000 RPM SATA HDD on RAID 0 and 2 Gigs of paired PC4400 RAM for less than half the price of a G5 and laugh at anyone who says Macs are even half as good. (I just did, and I formatted my drive in literally 15 seconds… I installed WinXP Pro in under 10 minutes, and configured Fedora Core 2 in less than 5.) And yes, I use Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Avid, Macromedia Studio and a TON of other programs, and they’re ALL 10 times faster than on my dual G5.

  34. Ress says:

    I don’t know what it is with these Mac users they seem to think EVERYTHING runs faster on the mac. You can’t LIE to me, I work with the damn things at work, SLOW, doesn’t matter if you’re on a G4 or G5 its like you just hit LAG time baby!

    Macromedia Studio MX does not run faster on a Mac, neither does Photoshop, try building a custom PC for 1/3 the price and there are a shiload of better PROFESSIONAL apps on PC than Mac, fucking tons, Video Pinnacle studio anyone? And there are shitloads more.

    Mac is not for Professionals, its for losers who choose a case over power. My PC is custom built by me, and it runs faster than a G4 or a G5, and its only a 2.4 P4, how sad is that? I just optimize my OS buy the good parts, and BOOM faster machine for 1/3 the price. And yes I do work with Apples, GUESS WHAT !!! A god damn G4 can’t run my webpage! But a Intel Celeron at HALF the clock speed runs my FLASH ANIMATIONS 4 TIMES FASTER, how can Marcromedia Studio MX be better on a G4 when you can’t even preview animations at anything higher than 8 frames per second, yet the animation runs FULL 30-40 on a Celeron!

    Don’t sit there and tell me a G5 is good, maybe it is if you run ONE application, I run 8 graphi apps at once among other things like my MP3’s and the like at home, and I’m sorry if MAC can’t ever run my webpage? I stopped making sites to be compatible with mac because Flash requires CPU power, but 480Mhz Celerons RUN FLASH pages 3 TIMES FASTER then a G4, and the G5 still LAGS!

    So if someone here says they know more and Mac is "faster" then obviously you are an idiot, because you don’t even know what a computer is, I know what’s inside the MAC, and frankly PC parts are better and cheaper and faster.

    Oh and by the way the G5 was never the "world’s fastest desktop",

  35. ha! mac users... says:

    It seems like both sides think they know everything about everything. But, the side for windows provides stats, quotes, facts, and experiences. Waht do the MAC users present? Just their personal experiences and basically a lot of ‘yes it does/no it doesn’t’ style arguments. Get some facts, figures, stats, quotes AND personal experience with both, new and old, then try and have enough nerve to pretend you know what you all are talking about.

  36. DKt-SONIC says:

    PaWn, what the hell you talking about sitting under your mac rock. Innovation? go get .NET, as far as i’m concerned macs are useless, they aren’t a serious thing, for Development machines they just plain suck. and don’t try and ./make .

  37. Windows User says:

    All you WinSuckers are drinking from the same posion. MicroCRAP has NEVER invented anything, they also steal what they have. I just wish the macs cost less so I can buy one.

  38. b-man says:

    How about the fact that Macs don’t get infected with a virus 15 seconds after you connect it to the Internet?

  39. Mike says:

    What the hell?

    If your PC gets infected with a virus 15 seconds after connecting to the internet, then either the computer is screwed up, or you’re just a fucking idiot who can’t use a computer.

    Very funny flash video:

  40. tom is a moron says:

    Tom, you are a moron. You run RedHat and you believe that linux is good. Geezus man, get a clue. RedHat is by far the most bloated linux you can use. Especially since most run KDE out of the box, which would happen to be the most bloated wm for linux.

    You wanna run fast try debian or gentoo with fluxbox as your wm, then tell me if you see an increase in application performance.

    And on top of it all all OS’ are just fine, it’s really just a matter of taste and a matter of stupidity. The list goes like this: Stupid people use Windows because they are gullible and believe it is the best. Decently intelligent people use macs because of the hybrid OS which gives you a nice feel when you wanna play around with the terminal and all that. Smart people use linux because they understand the potential of a linux box given the right kind of user.

    So in conclusion everyone shut the fuck up.

  41. You suck you really really suck! says:

    Ive never seen so many faggot ass peecee fanboys in one Freakkin place!!!

    Half of the ppl here who posted here are dumbasses. Have you guys even tried a Mac… I cant believe one of you guys said that all Mac moniters suck.. Dumbass, the moniter on my 20 inch iMac owns!!! So SO clear.!!

    Macs dont suck…. If you cant afford one, the shut your broke ass up and dont buy one. Macs RARELY give problems, let alone crash. People who say they are slow.. get a life.. Did u know that a 1.25 GHZ mac is eqyivilant to a 2.4 peecee…. Bet not, Therefore, a 2.5 G5 could utterly OWN a 3.6 GHZ peecee!! You guys better do some research before you act tough and talk some dumb shit.

    peecees are overrated peices of trash. Mac keyboards dont suck, your just to used too ur big clunky box keyboard. the mice only have one button, but who cares.. you get used to it!

    Mac osx.. TOTALLY OWNS XP!!!! In every way possible, I dont have to worry about viruses or some crazy gay 12 year old spying me.. MAcs ARE NOT SLOW, THEY DONE SUCK, THEY ARE NOT UGLY’ and they COMPLETELY OOOWWWNNN peecees…

    All in all you idiots need to atleast try a mac for more than 1 day.. then uèll atleast have a better impression…..

  42. Matt says:

    Most PC users do try Mac’s and run from them screaming because of the Operating System’s horrible intergration, lack of support with games, programs, and it’s needlessly expensive hardware.

    It’s operating system is a NIGHTMARE. It feels like tacky eye candy, trying to hide the brutal underpinnings of Unix. Sure, Linux does this with X Windows – but it’s users are aware of its underpinnings and love it for it. Mac users are, mindless drones with no sense of individuality, who end up with the same boring looking case, and spend all of the time that they don’t utilize fixing MacOS X congratulating themselves on what a bunch of idiots they all are for spending $3000 more than they needed to for hardware.

    The fact of the matter here is that all programs worth purchasing for Mac can be purchased for Windows, and hence, the expensive hardware is again rendered a bad investment of cash.

    To be perfectly honest, I would like nothing more than to see each and every mac user, pick up their cheesy one button mouse, and click + drag themselves into the trash as to eject themselves from the lives of the users of respectable platforms.

  43. Mikey says:

    Ok, first off, I think that you windows users should at least give the Mac OS a try, I can tell that nearly all of you have not. I have recently purchased a new Dual 2GHz PowerMac G5 and along with my 12 1Ghz iBook G4 have started up my own video editing and recording studio. I have used several faster PCs and frankly there is no comparison. After doing a wedding video for a friend I was contacted the next week to do 4 more. On my G5 I blaze through anything with out the slightest hiccup. I have also convinced a professional photo studio to buy a new PowerMac after he saw how quickly and easily it could be done and we are now forming a joint company using nearly all macs. Been on the Mac OS since ’84 and never regretted it for a minute. So please, give OS X an honest chance… I have convinced 3 of my friends to buy macs as well.

  44. Macs rule the world!!!!! says:

    How many times will a pc user have to update his/her computer?

    Computers are going faster by the month and as soon as you pc users buy your crummy pc computer another even better one comes out! Now with a mac at least it keeps its value longer than a PC, You get what you paid for! PC are cheap and crap. They crash like all the time! And another thing after Mac OS 9 came Mac OS 10 (X) then Microsoft updated its operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, Now Apple named its next operating system Mac OS X for a reason So why in hell did Microsoft name its OS XP after Windows 2000! IT LOOKS TO ME THAT BILL GATES IS COPYING APPLE


  45. Dave says:

    Have you seen the iMac’s design against a PC computer, PC’s today are ugly things which you would hide rather than put on display.

    I must agree PC’s are fast but they are still ugly! If I had to work with a computer all day I know which one I’d rather be looking at!!

    I agree with above Bill Gates is a TWAT!


  46. g-unit says:

    one comment….

    AlienWare! hmmm is it ugly no is it the fasters mother fucker on eath YES!

  47. Eddie-PC Technician says:

    I will respond to most of the posts here after my comments.


    MACS SUCK!!! They do crash often, too often. Apple spends too much time working on their looks than they do on their performance. Their GUI is load of shit. You can’t get behind the scenes and edit something alike to windows registry. There is no debugging of any kind.

    The fact that the G5 processor is a 64-bit processor, doesn’t make it any better. Ony 64-bit applications can take advantage of this fact. Leading me into applications. The only major applications available for the macintosh are made by the apple company. Although equivalents may be available, they are still not as good as the original. This brings me to the argument about Microsoft getting his MS Windows idea from Mac OS. Although it is true, Microsoft has created a far greater, more flexible OS. It even looks better.


    Hi I’m Bill Gates, and this is the Compaq Guy, Dell Guy, and IBM Guy!

    Together we make affordable stuff for people to buy.

    Bill Gates: My OS, is TOP OF THE LINE and rarely crashes. And if it does, windows can automatically send a response to our website and even find a solution for your problem! If no solution, you can tell our people about it, and THEY ACTUALLY REPLY!!!

    Guys: We make a damn good computer that works great with Windows!

    Hi I’m the Apple Chairman Guy!

    We make piece of shit computers that crash hourly if your lucky. Ours are ugly and suck (Double Bonus!!!). Our software is even worse because it’s made by us too! Picks up Mac

    Hey a paper weight!……..

    Simply, they SUCK.

    This dual processor Bullshit is even worse. Basically they need two of THEIR best processors to meet 2GHz, the new PC AVERAGE

    The only reason a mac 1.25 is = to a pc 2.4 is the front side bus. Then again, it doesn’t show it’s speed!!!

    Although, I hate to admit it, the older macintosh monitors were very sharp and able to display resolutions of 1024×768 long before PCs, but they havent gotten much better. But their crappy software makes up for the hardware.

    The old SCSI harddrives in the older Performa PowerPCs were barely faster and a hell of a lot more expensive. But the slight boost of speen was unnoticable, making them go back to IDE. Meanwhile, PCs had the EIDE going. Then the HDs with fast RPMs.

    Linux is great if you know how to use it. I personally use Mandrake 10 and it works just fine with gnome and kde.

    There are also a variety of OSs to choose from for PCs based on user experience. Macs are Macs.

    Bob is right

    Macs are based too much on the point and click world. No right click. You have to hold control and click to get a menu.

    It crashes and your screwed

    Macintosh (OS 9 and previous) startup icons:

    Happy Mac: OK

    Sad Mac: Error, get serviced

    Folder with ?: No OS/Hard drive fried

    There is no way to specify and pinpoint the errer using DOS. It doesn’t exist!!


  48. Donald says:

    Macs are faster than PCs, its the OS that slows down the mac, Not its speed.

    All Processors come from the same place, so the question shouldn’t be about the speed, It should be the ease of use.

    And another thing, there are loads of PC technicians for when a PC goes wrong but there is hardly one for the Mac, the reason for this is macs never go wrong, They don’t need a technician.

  49. Ok, prompted by this Russell Beattie post , I have to say that Macintosh computers really bite the big one.&amp;#160; They are awful.&amp;#160; I can&amp;rsquo;t begin to describe how bad they are. BHWaaahahahaha!&amp;#160; I just can&amp;rsquo;t keep

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