oh – my – god – buy me this computer!

Calling this machine a
3.8 GHz Pentium computer does it a massive disservice.  It completely ignores
the fact that it runs the entire OS off a RAMDisk for speed, and has what is basically
a built-in refrigerator to keep the CPU cool.  On top of that, with the front-mounted
LCD displays, this puppy just looks jaw-droppingly powerful!

Gina, I want to trade my new laptop in… 

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  1. Nicole Calinoiu says:

    Heard http://www.ampcast.com/LST-66325-mus-128-3217166-0-0-0-DLZTJREJFQSREODL/Breaking_up_with_CPU.m3u for the first time today and immediately thought of this computer. Not that it really affected the drool factor in any way… <g>

  2. JP says:

    You do know that this is a big fake right? Umm, check out the site, look at the absolutely depth of products they offer – we’re talking servers, laptops, monitors, desktops – all of them, far above anything else on the market – utterly amazing (if it were true). They’ve been online for a little while now and try and actually complete an order on their site – good luck. Better yet, try and call them on the phone and place an order – better luck next time.

    It’s a hella nice looking site (if not a direct copy of the current apple.com) – but there is a ton of discussion about this ‘company’ all over the net, yet try and actually buy any of their hardware.

    It’s funny for us to see a Microsoft employee who actually fell for this.

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