For better or for worse – but I’m not taking your name!

I read this
discussing wives who don’t take their husband’s last name. 
Here is the comment I left at the site.

“My wife (Gina Alsdorf) didn't take
my last name when we got married. I'm fine with that; it seems to me that your name
is one of the most personal things you possess; it is only right that an individual
should be able to decide their own name, married or not.

“Having said that, she will sometimes
use the name "Gina Williams", because it can make paperwork and communications go
easier, especially for some business transactions. Make of that what you will.

“The real question for us is the kid
- she arrives in January, and we know her first name ("Lucy"), but one of these days
we'll have to sit down and hash out the issue of Lucy's last name...

“(Actually, I think Gina's leaning
toward giving Lucy my last name; ten points if you can figure out why. Hint: Gina
is a lawyer...)

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  1. Roy Osherove says:

    Because the’rs a smaller chance for jury duty in the kid’s future, rught? My wife and I have the same discussion. With my last name, our kid will be the first onein all the lines, in class, hostpital shots and so on. With her name it’s somewhere good in the middle.
    We even thought about combining out last name into something else but we can’t decide what we want…

  2. Bruce says:

    Good guess, but the ten points remain unclaimed!

    Interesting point about lines – Gina and I have last names at opposite ends of the alphabet.

  3. steven says:

    oh, that’s easy, and I don’t even know you, just read this post. Her name should be obvious… Lucy Alsdorf Williams.

  4. Bruce says:

    Bingo! We have a winner; here are your ten points. Don’t spend them all in one place!

  5. ken says:

    As I thought about your upcoming child’s name after poker Friday it occured to me that with a first name of "Lucy" and the initials of "LAW" then all that would be required for the Xena tie-in would be for her to be smaller than her peers.

    Of course, we did name our dogs Rexx and Perl.

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