Hulk Hands kick ass

I stumbled across this
blog entry
, where the Accordian Guy is showing off his “Hulk Hands”,
large foam gloves that make amusing Hulk noises when you bounce them off things. 
I got a set for my nephew once, and I liked them so much, I got myself a pair too! 
Its hard to describe the visceral pleasure of bopping the wall or desk, and hearing
the tinkling sound of broken glass, followed by a roar and “Hulk smash!” 
They make half-way decent boxing gloves, if you’re just playing around; and
having recently bought some IKEA bookshelves, I’ve discovered that they also
make excellent bookends.

Highly recommended – go buy a set for every kid you know, and keep one for yourself!

Comments (2)

  1. Lori says:

    I want some of these. They are bad as crap!!

    I want a pair to go out with my ex in the back yard and settle some crap!!

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