Leggo my Lego!

I recently had a very pleasant vacation (modulo the whole mother-having-cancer issue),
and one of the fun things was the gaggle of nieces and nephews running around –
seven of them between the ages of one to nine years old.  Well, naturally, being
the best aunt and uncle in the world, we brought them all presents.  (Yes, we
buy affection – you got a problem with that?  <grin>) 

For one little boy, we got a Harry Potter Lego kit – Snape’s Classroom. 
Now, when it came time for an adult to “help” him put together his kit,
you just know who was chosen...  So I sat down with the instructions, put the
thing together, cauldron and all, knowing full well that the edifice was unlikely
to survive five minutes past its completion.   That prediction, sadly, was
borne out with industrious efficiency by the aforementioned gaggle of goslings. 
(You know, whatever one kid is doing, they *all*
gotta be doing…)

However, I found the entire construction process oddly satisfying; building something
piece by piece, and watching it come together as a unified whole.  It was fun!

Well, this has all been a very long-winded way of saying that I recently made a fascinating
discovery:  apparently the Masters Of The Lego will soon be visiting my home
town of Seattle!  That’s right, the NWBrickCon is
coming on October 4-5.  You can bet your sweet patootie that my wife and I will
be there.  If there are any other Lego fans out there, here is the link!


If you see me there, say hi!

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