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I was reading this link,
about a guy who has an ASP.NET blog (i.e., hosted at,
and he was concerned that his blog wasn’t in some sense technical enough for
that forum.  I’ve thought a bit about that too; since my blog is hosted
here at GotDotNet, I feel some obligation to post about .NET, and in particular testing
.NET (given that is my job).  However, in my limited blog experience so far,
I find that I really only come up with some detailed original thought worthy of publication
every week or two – and I also know that when I read other people’s blogs,
I prefer ones that are updated more frequently.  

So I include other material that I find interesting; random thoughts, details from
my life, interesting things I find on the web.  I still want to post about .NET,
Remoting, and testing – but I have other things I want to talk about too.  I
just hope that my generous GotDotNet hosters are OK with this format – I’m
lazy enough not to want to have to go set up another blog somewhere else if I don’t
have to.

I’ll admit that I could be swayed by your opinion – so if you’d
like more meat, and less fluff (but with less frequent posting), let me know.

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  1. rick says:

    My 2 cents: Blog on, man. Share it all. I’d be thrilled to find technical content among the entries, but blogs with nothing but techy stuff are too dull to read for very long. We’re all human beings and it’s much better to at least feel like we know something about each other.

  2. Blog about whatever you want. The whole reason that I read blogs in the .NET category instead of just reading white papers is the human aspect. I like the little bits in between that keep me from getting worn down. It’s like what I would talk about with programmer friends waiting for me in my aggregator.

  3. Bruce says:

    Cool – you’re my kind of folks. <grin>

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