Hosting visitors to Microsoft

 I ran across this interesting post:

“This upcoming week is shaping up to be one the most memorable in my young life.
I'm taking a trip to geek mecca: Microsoft HQ. I get to meet Scott Guthrie, Rob Howard,
Don Box, et al. And if that weren't enough, Robert Scoble was kind enough to let me
stay at his place. I tell you what, that guy is truly awesome. He didn't even give
it a second thought.


[Robert McLaws: BoyWonder.NET]

This reminds me of a time about four years or so ago, when a couple young folks from
England were coming to visit Microsoft, and needed a place to stay.  One was
a young man named Dominic Hopton, and I’m sorry to say I don’t recall the other young
man’s name.  Anyway, I’d struck up a conversation with them on-line, and offered
to give them a “home base” relatively close to Microsoft while they were here. 
In retrospect, I’m sorry I didn’t take a more active role showing them the sights,
but they seemed to have their game plan worked out, and enjoyed themselves during
their visit.

I wonder if this is common – young folks interested in visiting Microsoft, who find
a helpful person in the area to host them?  I wonder if HR does anything to facilitate
stuff like this; and should they?  Seems like there might be possible legal ramifications,
but I’d hate to see stuff like that get in the way of good folks doing good things.

Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to those lads.  I see the name Dominic
Hopton on-line fairly frequently, but I don’t know if it is the same fellow who stayed
with me.  To my dismay, I don’t recall the other guy’s name.  I’ll have
to look them up one of these days and see what they’re doing with their lives.

Update: by a somewhat odd coincidence,
Dominic IM’ed me today, before I even moved the post above from my internal blog to
my public blog.  It’s a small world.  My other visitor back in ’97 was Jacob

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