Taxes: a six-course meal, or a-la-carte?

Ok, I admit it - I'm a control freak. (Like you aren't. <grin>)

What I really want is for the government to give me an itemized reciept at the end
of the year saying "here is all you paid in taxes, and here is where each piece went."
I don't mind paying tens of thousands of dollars, if I know its going toward roads,
or education, or other possibly more controversial stuff that I think is valuable.
Right now, though, I really have no idea where it goes.

What prompted this was a blurb on the radio saying "Washington state is considering
a 0.2 cent/dollar sales tax increase so teachers can get a raise."  I thought
to myself - "wow, that sounds worthy; it would suck to be a teacher and not get a
raise I deserve" (in general I think teachers are typically underpaid).  But
a 2/10ths of a penny sales tax increase?  That seems "hidden" in a way I don't
like - you think it is insignificant, but at the end of the year how much more are
you paying?  Who knows?  I'd rather just write a check to the government
for $200 and say "here, go give some deserving teacher a raise."

So I'm sure (as my wife points out) that there are many process problems associated
with such a scheme - but perhaps there is a happy medium somewhere.  What do
you think?

(Still waiting for my itemized tax receipt...)

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