Is that a rail gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Here is an interesting site about a guy who builds rail guns in his spare time.  (If you don’t know what a rail gun is, you need to read more science fiction.  <grin>)  He also builds a variety of other powerful and/or destructive electromagnetic devices.  Very cool – check it out!  

“Ender’s Game” should be movie

Scott Hanselman lists out some of his favorite books that he’d like to see made into movies.  One of them in particular really hit a chord with me – “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card would be an *awesome* movie!  P.S.  Anyone know how to create a simple URL to a particular book on Amazon? …


how to contact me

I published this info when I started my GotDotNet blog; with the move, now is a good time to re-present the info: Bruce Williams I am a test developer for Indigo – current and future Web Services technology at Microsoft. e-mail:  IM:


should this blog be technical-only?

When my blog was on GotDotNet, I asked if I should limit myself to technical issues, or if I should discuss any old thing that interests me.  (I’d prefer the latter.)  The response I received was that non-technical posts are fine. Now that I’m hosted on the ASP.NET site, though, I think I’ll ask the…


new A/V cable format has built-in copy-protection?

I was reading an article recently about a new audio/video cable format that a bunch of companies are supporting, called HDMI.  (Free registration may be required to see the link.)  It looks pretty cool and all, but the last paragraph of the article has this nasty little tidbit: “Because the HDMI standard does not allow…


old blog entries at

 For anyone who is new to my blog at this location; the content from my old blog should get migrated over sometime, and meanwhile you can see it at

If you develop on Windows – use AppVerifier!

 I read a post recently from a person who was disappointed that they hadn’t heard of the AppVerifier tool that Microsoft ships.  So let’s fix that – if you do commercial software development on Windows, you owe it to your customers to download AppVerifier and test your product with it.  It is an extremely easy…


Honk if you can read this!

 First post in the new blog – lets see if the .Text plugin for NewsGator works…


Blog moving…

As with so many other GotDotNet bloggers, I am moving over to WEBLOGS.ASP.NET.  Yeah, I know – my weblog isn’t ASP.NET related.  One of these years I’ll go to a hosting company and set up my own server.  Of course, with my daughter due to be born any week now, it might be a while……

think you’re good at puzzles? try this one.

I ran across this puzzle a little while ago.  I’m still working on it – now you can too: You have a port that you are reading numbers from. You know that there is one number that is generated in more than half of the cases.  You keep reading numbers arbitrarily long until you are…