Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (What’s up with Report Builder?)

Hopefully, you have gotten a chance to work with the latest CTP of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. But if you have, you may be a bit puzzled by the report design options in the CTP. Specifically: Report Builder looks just like it did in SSRS 2005. Report Designer is hosted in the VS 2005…


Tribal Thunder (SharePoint White Papers Available)

After many months of working on getting them posted, I’m excited to let you know that two whitepapers on the integration between SQL Server Reporting Services and SharePoint are now available. SQL Server 2005 Integration with Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Troubleshooting Integration with SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Enjoy!


Everybody (Why Leave IIS?)

If you have gotten a chance to try an early build of SQL Server Reporting 2008 Reporting Services, you know that one of the changes in the product is the removal of the Internet Information Services (IIS) dependency. I have gotten some questions about the motivation behind this change so I thought I would give…


Younger Than Yesterday (ReportViewer in VS 2008)

As most of you probably know by now, Visual Studio 2008 is now available. What you might not have noticed is a new version of the ReportViewer control and local /embedded report editing experience. Included with VS 2008 are the following new features: Design-time:  New Report Projects: Two new project templates for quickly creating reporting…


Marquee Moon (Field References in Page Headers and Footers)

One of the questions that I get often is about putting database fields in their SSRS report page header and/or footer. Note that putting fields in the page header and footer is not the same as putting a data region in these sections. Because of the impact on layout (what happens when it grows?), we do…


When I Was Born for the 7th Time (Thoughts from TechEd)

Last week I attended TechEd in Orlando, Florida. Here are my thoughts on the event. This year was TechEd’s 15th anniversary. I realized on the way down that I was attending my 10th consecutive TechEd. When I started attending, TechEd was about 2,000 or so people. This year, TechEd had over 13,000 people attending 480 Breakout…


Dreamy (Reporting Services at TechEd)

Unlike previous years, I decided not to attend the first day of TechEd. This means that I missed BobMu’s keynote but you can read about the details from many of the TechEd bloggers. If you read the press release from TechEd today, we announced the official name for the next release of SQL Server – SQL…


At the End of Paths Taken (Modifying Where Clause when All Parameter Values are Selected)

  With the return of “Select All” in Service Pack 2, all multi-value parameters allow the user to pick all of the available values. But what if you want to remove the predicate from your WHERE clause instead of generating a long set of values in the IN predicate? You can accomplish this is via an expression-based query…


Watusi (SSRS Management Tools Changes for Katmai)

For Katmai we are considering the removal of namespace management (folders, reports, data sources, models) from the Reporting Services Add-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). In other words, we are considering removing the ‘Home’ folder under the Reporting Server node in SSMS. Why the change? Customer feedback and usage data indicates that Report Manager and/or SharePoint…


Pocket Symphony (Enabling SSRS Feature in non-default Site Collections)

After installing the Reporting Services Add-in for Integration with SharePoint, you may find that the Reporting Services features are not visible in your SharePoint web sites. Why does this happen? Because when the add-in is installed, it is only activated for the sites in the default Site Collection. Steps to resolve: Bowse to the ‘Home’ or…