Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (What’s up with Report Builder?)

Hopefully, you have gotten a chance to work with the latest CTP of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. But if you have, you may be a bit puzzled by the report design options in the CTP. Specifically: Report Builder looks just like it did in SSRS 2005. Report Designer is hosted in the VS 2005…


Roots and Crowns (Too Many Data Tools?)

Sometimes I’ll get a question like “Why would I use Reporting Services when I can use Excel?” or “Why does Microsoft have so many tools for building reports?” The underlying assumption behind these questsions is that a limited number of applications should be are able to work with data. IMHO, I think that working with data…


It’s All Around You (Parameter Prompts in Report Builder)

Quite a few people ask whether you can add prompted parameters to reports built using Report Builder. While it is not easy to find, you can definitely do it. In the filter dialog, after you add something to the filter from the field list, click on the name of the field and select “Prompt”. You…


Give Blood (Report Expressions in Report Builder)

It’s not obvious, but SQL Server 2005 Report Builder allows you to use expressions in textboxes on the report surface. You don’t get an expression editor, but if you begin a textbox value with ‘=’, it will be evaluated at report processing time. For example, you can add a time / date stamp to a report…


Horse Stories (Welcome, Bob)

Please welcome a new Reporting Services blogger to the block. Bobs’ Weblog will be a fountain of useful information from the principal developer behind the new Report Builder feature in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.