Today! (Cleaning up Reporting Services SharePoint Add-In Setup Problems)

Some people have had problems during installation of the new Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint. If the add-in setup fails while to add the Reporting Services feature to the sites, some of your SharePoint sites will no longer work.  You can tell if the custom action failed by looking for a file named RS_SP_#.log in…


Radical Connector (SP2 CTP2 is Released!)

I’m very excited to let you know that you can get your hands on the first CTP for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2. This release will enable you to start testing a few new features for Reporting Services, including: Hyperion Essbase Provider and Query Designer Oracle Support for Report Builder The release also contains…


The Tigers Have Spoken (Reporting Services White Papers)

I’ve got a virtual cornucopia of SQL Server Reporting Services technical articles recently released on MSDN for you! The first three are from some of the other members of the Reporting Services development team: Robert Bruckner (report engine developer) – Get More Out of SQL Server Reporting Services Charts Chris Baldwin (program manager) Designing and Delivering Rich…


More Fun (MDX Query Designer Error After Office 2007 Install)

If you are running the 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta, you may noticed some problems in the MDX query designer in the Reporting Services Report Designer. Specifically, trying to execute an MDX query that has been typed or modified directly in the text pane gives the following error: Query preparation failed.-> Error in the application….


On the Mouth (Teo on Custom Report Items)

Teo is at it again! He has written a great article appearing in MSDN Magazine this month on building custom report items for SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. When I get a chance, I’ll publish the code for the custom report item I built for Tech Ed.


End of Amnesia (Avoiding Divide By Zero Errors)

People often ask how to avoid divide by zero problems in their Reporting Services reports. Let’s say you have a textbox that calculates profit margin via the expression: =Fields!Price.Value / Fields!Cost.Value This works fine unless a value in the Cost field is zero (and is not an integer or double), in which case you will…


Plus, Also, Too (Crystal Migration Partners)

We just put up a list of partners that can assist with a migration from Crystal Reports to SQL Server Reporting Services. The list is at


Lights from the Wheelhouse (RS Best Practices)

Adam Cogan from SSW, a longtime a friend of SSRS in Australia, has developed a nice set of tips and guidelines for Reporting Services as part of his Rules to Better… site. The site has a bunch of best practices for of .NET development topics and software development in general.


Twin Infinitives (IE7 and Reporting Services)

If you have been using the Internet Explorer version 7 beta release, you might have noticed some problem with viewing Reporting Services reports. The problem manifested in the report viewer, which would continually refresh and not get past the “report is being generated” message. We worked with the IE team to identify the problem and they’ve provided a…


Will anything happen (Jobs on the Reporting Services Team)

If you are interested in working on the next version of Reporting Services, I have a job opening for a program manager posted. We also have positions open for testers and developers if that is more your style. If you are interested, leave your e-mail and some information about yourself in a comment and I…