Bare Bones Configuration Guide for Dynamics AX Projects

If you are active in the Dynamics AX community, you probably have run into Murray Fife, a self-described "Curator, Author, Pitchman, Microsoft MVP & Mediocre Programmer". His site, Dynamics AX Companions is chock full of useful information about AX for novices and experts alike. His latest project is a collection of Bare Bones Configuration Guides that walk the reader through the configuration of various parts of Dynamics AX from scratch. Dynamics AX is a complex product and the guides give you hands-on examples with screen shots that show how you would set up the entire application. He has just finished a draft of Configuring Project Management And Accounting Within Dynamics AX 2012 and it contains a nice summary of the configuration steps necessary to quickly get up and running.



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  1. Cristina says:


    I wonder if there is a manual configuration for r3 because I'm a trouble for registration of the invoice proposal on a fixed price project.

  2. Can you be more specific about what error you are getting? Is it an error while posting the invoice proposal?

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