Gone Glimmering (Fix for Visual Studio Hang)

I am very happy to announce that a fix has been released for the notorious "Visual Studio cannot shut down because a modal dialog is open" bug. I know that many of you are getting this daily when using the SQL Server 2005 Report Designer. You can read the KB article for the fix here. Currently, you will need to get the fix from Microsoft Customer Support but we are working to get this posted publicly.

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  1. Keith says:

    Uhm, where is the beef?  If I read that link correctly, I have to go through some middle man in order to get the fix?  Why do I need to jump through hoops?

  2. Olivier says:

    Thanks for this very good news !!

  3. bwelcker says:

    There are a couple of reasons why hotifxes are not always posted.

    1. Hotfixes do not go through the same level of testing that a full relese does. Although we try to make sure that we didn’t break anything, you don’t have a full beta cycle, etc. with a hotfix.
    2. All hotfixes are cumulative, which means that you not only get the fix you want, you get every other fix to date. It simply isn’t possible to provide independent fixes. So, even though it might fix your issue, someone elses may cause problems (see #1).

    That being said, I think the VS team is working on posting this one to a public site.

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