The Tigers Have Spoken (Reporting Services White Papers)

I've got a virtual cornucopia of SQL Server Reporting Services technical articles recently released on MSDN for you!

The first three are from some of the other members of the Reporting Services development team:

Also, several Reporting Services authors have written recent articles for MSDN:


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  1. Brian Welcker, the MS PM for Sql Reporting Services, recently posted a list of new white papers posted

  2. Vish Uma says:

    Hi Brian,

    I just started learning about Reporting Services and went through a training session for it. I am curious as to whether i will be able to use Reporting Services for my business requirements. I asn’t able to get an answer from the trainers so i was hoping that you might be able to give me an answer on it.

    In one of our applications, the user extracts a part of the database into a local Access database so that he can work on it locally and check it in when it is finalized. The users also want to be able to generate reports on their local database. This is not the same data as generating reports from the database. The reports used by all the users are the same. So i was wondering if there is any way i can use the reports definitions from the reporting services and apply it to the local database on each individual users machine. Basically, it all comes to being able to use centralized reports on local database. Is this possible with MS Reporting services?

    Thank You,


  3. spectrablue says:

    uh, not related but while you’re at it you think you can get the ie7 team to fix the document map on rs2000 reports. Not sure if same problem exists on 2005 yet.

  4. bostonmusicdave says:

    Brian… out of curiousity have you come across any good techniques for reporting against sharepoint lists.  I know the report pack offered some decent functionality about sharepoint stats, but with moss 2007, content types and infopath 2007, there is a lot of relatively structured data that would be really powerful to be able to report on.. Any thoughts or direction on those?

  5. Paul Engerman says:

    I am also looking for a way to report from Sharepoint Lists. We are putting a lot of our critical business information into lists and related lists, but have no way right now of using the integration with Reporting Services.

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