On the Mouth (Teo on Custom Report Items)

Teo is at it again! He has written a great article appearing in MSDN Magazine this month on building custom report items for SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. When I get a chance, I'll publish the code for the custom report item I built for Tech Ed.

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  1. Steve MunLeeuw says:

    Yeah Teo’s article is awesome.  Allowed me to try one.  When setting the CustomReportItem Value property to a database field all went well until I tried to return an image datatype in the query.  When I tried this the CustomProperty.Value is null.  Does your CustomReportItem accept dataset fields, and if so what datatypes have you tried out?  Look forward to seeing your code, your blog has been a tremendous help.

  2. bwelcker says:

    Byte arrays are not supported in CustomProperties. You should Bas64 encode the image vbalue and then decode the image in the CRI.

  3. Tanmay says:

    Teo’s article certainly is a great one to begin your CRI ventures, but it does not get into the more interesting parts of creating and passing custom data around. (it only deals with custom properties)

    The PolygonCRI does show how to do it, but I think it does much more than is required. As in, why should you have to have expressions for the object and the points when all you really want is the co-ordinates.

    Say, you want to create a chart – simple on. All you need is an array with the indices your X axis values and the indexed values plotted on the Y. And I think this can be done by just passing in 1 expression to the CRI. (I just checked the Chart ReportItem that SSRS comes with takes only 2 expressions for a scatter plot, like the one I am talking about)

    If you follow the PolyCRI programming model, you will have to pass in more than just 1 expression.

    Is there a place that explains how to be able to do this?

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