Twin Infinitives (IE7 and Reporting Services)

If you have been using the Internet Explorer version 7 beta release, you might have noticed some problem with viewing Reporting Services reports. The problem manifested in the report viewer, which would continually refresh and not get past the "report is being generated" message. We worked with the IE team to identify the problem and they've provided a fix in Release Candidate 1, which you can download from the MS web site

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  1. Ray says:

    It still does not appear to work.  I installed IE7 RC1 today to do the technical evaluation.  Report Manager does not appear to function correctly [Prompts are not generated] and the report errors out.

    Just peachy,


  2. Paul Mitchell says:

    I’ve just installed IE7 and now SSRS document maps don’t work at all. I can’t find anything information on this at all.

    Great job MS!

  3. bwelcker says:

    We are working with the IE team on this issue (RS 2000 Document Maps on IE7). It does not happen on RS 2005.

  4. bfinegan says:

    You have posted that KB #935227 is available from support when requested, however I am unable to find a way to make that request.  Please post link or details.  

  5. bwelcker says:

    This fix was incorporated into Service Pack 2 so is not longer available individually.

  6. says:

    KB #935227 patch incorporated into Service Pack 2 for which product?

  7. bwelcker says:

    SQL Server 2005 (Reporting Services).

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