It’s All Around You (Parameter Prompts in Report Builder)

Quite a few people ask whether you can add prompted parameters to reports built using Report Builder. While it is not easy to find, you can definitely do it.

In the filter dialog, after you add something to the filter from the field list, click on the name of the field and select "Prompt". You will see a green question mark next to the field name, like this:

When you preview or view the report after publishing, you will be prompted for values. If you chose 'In this list" for the operator, a multi-valued parameter will be used. Note that it is not possible to create dependent parameters in Report Builder (e.g. the list of cities is dependent on the selection of country). For this, you would need to use Report Designer.

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  1. Dev says:

    Is it possible to prompt values at runtime using reporting services ???

  2. bwelcker says:

    Of course. Run-time prompting is built into the product.

  3. Titu says:

    Can we change the name of the prompted filter condition

    e.g instead of Territory I would like to show ‘Country’ to the user?

  4. bwelcker says:

    The name of the prompt is determed by the report builder model.

  5. peter says:

    Is it possible to reuse a prompt. e.g. a reference date which is used to set a limit on different date fields from different entities

  6. bwelcker says:

    No, Report Builder does not support prompt reuse. In general Reporting Services doesn’t really support prompt constraints.

  7. says:

    even if i have "Prompt" selected, my report executes automatically with the Null checkbox checked…how do i prevent that. I want my user to choose first.

  8. bwelcker says:

    You can’t. The default viewer behavior is to run the report if all prompts have values. We will provide more options around this behavior in the future.

  9. kpriddle says:

    "Can we change the name of the prompted filter condition?"

    Yes, there is a work-around to accomplish this. Create a new field in your report with the name you want for the prompt, then set the formula for the new field equal to the field you want to prompt. You can then create a filter on the new field and the prompt will have the name you specified.

  10. Siraz says:

    You can also do the following without going with any work around :-

    Once the report is deployed, click on "Show Details" in the reporting server page, then click on the "Edit" icon against the particular report. Now from the Properties tab, select parameter link.

    Here you can change the "Display Text" of the Parameter.

  11. Mark Benish says:

    Can you display the value selected in the prompt on the report in RB 1.0?

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