Calling Over Time (New Reporting Services 2005 Partner Products)

Now that SQL Server 2005 is released, some of our partners are updating and enhancing their products to work with the new version. I want to point out two great partners in with new products.

The first is a company called Neodynamic Systems ( They have released a new product called Barcode Professional for Reporting Services. The barcode control is implemented as Custom Report Item so you get a fully integrated design time experience in the Visual Studio Report Designer as well as run-time support for all export formats.

The second partner is SoftArtisans ( They have released version 3.5 of their OfficeWriter product. It allows you to build Reporting Services reports directly in Microsoft Word and Excel. Their new version allows you to add native Excel and Word output to reports already designed using the Visual Studio Report Designer.

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  1. Herb Weaver says:

    Hi, Brian

    Could you help us??

    We use sql 2005 reporting services

    We are experiencing several issues –

    1 – Printer dialog box requires use of page numbers instead of all in order to

               print the entire report.

    2 – Reports skip information and even leave headers off

    All of these issues disappear if export to a .PDF is used and then print.


  2. bwelcker says:

    I know that we have seen some issues with certain printer drivers incorrectly replaying the EMFs that we generate. Have you installed Service pack 2? We have made some fixes in this area. I haven’t seen anyone report the page range issue, though.

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