Horses (Parameterized Web Service Report)

Several people have had trouble using the new XML data provider in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Unfortunately, the feature came in very late in the cycle so the documentation is really sketchy. I have built a report that uses an Anagram web services at You can try out the methods at

The report has two queries, one that calls the Languages method to get the list of Languages and one that calls Anagrams to get anagrams for a given language (sLanguageId) and length (iCharacters). Unforuntately, the data in the web service doesn't seem to return reliable data <g> but it should give you an example of using parameters.

Here's the report source.

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  1. jcnovoa says:

    Thanks for following up on this issues, regretfully that web service returns data even if there are blanks in the parameters, so is not a real good exception to test this bug.

  2. VDEEVI says:


    We created a simple web serivce having a Web Method which accepts a string parameter and returns "Hello World" concatenated with parameter value. We tested this web service by browsing it through IE and it was working fine by accepting a parameter and displaying the "Hello World " concated with the value given through the parameter when clicked on "Invoke" button.

    We now created a Reporting Services 2005 project using BI having a report for which the data source will be the web service which is mentioned above. We defined a parameter for the report which will pass the value to the webservice and the report will display the returned value from the web service.

    When we have done the report and executed by giving a value to the parameter and clicking on view report button it was displaying the "Hello World" but the parameter which we passed to the web service is not getting concatenated. When we tried to trace the application we could see that the value passed to the web service web method was comming as null. So kindly help me where I went wrong in developing such a kind of report which is not passing a parmeter to webservice.

    Kindly provide us the solution in order to make this issue to be resolved.

    Thanks in Advance.


  3. jcnovoa says:

    Thanks Brian for your direction on how to handle parameterized reports and the XML data Source… for a history of what this is about you can go here:

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