Northern Drive (SQL Server 2005 RTM)

As you have probably seen, SQL Server 2005 (aka Yukon) has shipped (you can download it on the MSDN subscription site). We had a little celebration Thursday afternoon on campus and it started me thinking about all of the things that have happened since we began this journey. Some random thoughts:

  • I am in my tenth year at Microsoft, development of Yukon has consumed over half of my time at MS.

  • Since Yukon began, I have gotten married, had 2 kids, and owned 3 houses (not necessarily in that order <g>).

  • When Yukon began, SQL Server had around 300 people. Now it has around 800.

  • When Yukon began, Reporting Services didn't even exist. In fact, we didn't start on Reporting Services until a year into Yukon.

  • When Reporting Services started, the CLR and .NET Framework hadn't shipped yet. RS was one of the first server products to be totally built on .NET.

  • Reporting Services was intended to be released with Yukon but we managed to release early last year along with 2 service packs.

Well, I hope you enjoy Yukon. I promise it won't be another 5 years before you get another version.

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