The Next Generation of Traders: Can We Meet Their Needs Today?

A recent conversation with one of the worlds most influential trading desks netted the question, what does the next generation of trading application look like, “what is possible today and where are we going?” Observing a teenager today playing a video game yields some answers and direction with regard to this question and that is,…

The Growing Power of Visualization – the next phase of markets

Too much information and too little time to absorb it – that’s the dilemma of the financial markets today. We have more data than we can possibly absorb: spreadsheets with tens of columns and thousands of rows; news headlines streaming faster than the human eye can read……. Yet the data tsunami continues to overwhelm us with almost…


Selling to a Market of One

Tougher markets encourage deeper, more profitable customer relationships. The need for banks to treat each of us as unique is becoming more important. Three technologies in particular are making selling to a market of one a practical option; digital marketing, social networking and predictive analytics. Digital marketing is not just a technology, it is also a channel. In…


Avatars, Algorithms and Attention Spans – Voyages Across the Internet

It’s 7.30 am Friday morning. In the office snatching moments between messages. A cup of Joe jumpstarts me. I decide to trip across the internet. I take my avatar with me. I hate to dress up and travel alone. Yes, I have my own avatar, custom built on the Xbox website. It looks just like…


The Bank of the Future – Getting it Right First Time

There’s a certain level of risk involved in investing branches with new technology. If the goal is to get closer to customers, it is important that they are wowed and not confused. Before committing to major investments, banks should consider going through a discovery process to research customer needs, and then design the best solution….


The Office of the Future

I bumped into one of my colleagues, Dave, the other day in the office. I was surprised to see him there. “How can you work at home so much,” I asked. He replied, “I am better off there. I have my own office, and much better kit.” Some of us have better technology at home…


The Bank of the Future

New regulation and technology begs the question what will the bank of the future be? Banking has changed radically over the last decade, and will surely change significantly over the next. A big change was the abolition of Glass-Steagall. But Dodd-Frank, for all its pages, leaves the industry largely intact – re-engineering rather than reformation….


The Other Dimensions of Transparency: for Markets and Management

A bank’s peers, partners, clients, counterparties…. All demand and expect greater transparency, to keep the markets efficient and fair. Just as importantly, from a risk and profitability standpoint, organisations must strive to achieve greater internal transparency up and down the chain of command. The first post in this series discussed Decrypting Financial Reform, and the…

The Future ATM

We are experiencing a game changing leap in the technology of user interfaces. Virtual key pads touch screen technology, and, with Microsoft’s Kinect, commands driven by speech, gestures even emotions create a quantum leap in computing. In contrast, the technology of ATMs has shown little change. The typical model for an ATM today is a…


The Future of Financial Services

By David Cox In recent years we have seen enormous changes, but we are only at the beginning of a revolution in technology. Since the 1970s, computers have altered little in their basic functions although they have become more powerful, portable, accessible and, in their smart phone and slate incarnations, more dazzling. But however sophisticated…