The Smartphone Wars

It’s been almost fifty years since Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, goof-balled the mobile phone into the popular imagination when he used his shoe for clandestine conversations. A lot has happened since then in the ‘smart’ phone world. Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies are now out on Windows Phone 7. Nokia has released the amazing…


We Are What We Tweet

Written by David but inspired by Damien. For years, a business card has been the ultimate power statement, defining who we are by the title we have and the firm we represent. After a handshake we naturally exchange them. But what happens afterwards? I have more business cards than I know what to do with….


Reflections on SIFMA 2011

Now that SIFMA 2011 is behind us, let’s take a moment to look back on a conference whose conversations and content mirrored the extremes of our post-crisis world. This year the Leaders Forum explored two main topics – Dodd Frank implementation and the use and impact of social media – two themes that couldn’t be…


The World According to Twitter

Passing by a colleague’s desk I was really impressed by his Twitter activity. Suddenly I felt that I was missing out on something big. The whole world was tweeting leaving me behind. Here was I, an occasional writer on social networking and technology, but essentially a non-Tweeter.  I had to do something urgently to restore…


Risk Management 2.0 – it’s closer than you think

It has been a couple of years since the worst financial crisis in decades, and it is clear that we need a fresh approach to managing troubled markets. For years weather forecasters have been trying to make accurate weather predictions, but a little known phenomenon called the ‘butterfly effect’ – the ability of small changes…


Next Generation Risk Management in the New Age of Structured Products

Even before the financial crisis, financial firms struggled to get their enterprise risk act together. Then as now, structured products added a whole new layer of complexity. The problem is how to get on top of the data. Without the right data, risk management, in today’s high frequency markets, is like driving a Ferrari at…


Designing a Viral Product – a fresh approach to innovation

Viral marketing is hot right now. In the new world of social networking, a digital outreach strategy is essential. But it may be more useful to develop products that are intrinsically viral. According to a recent HBR article adding a “share” button to a product can increase peer-to-peer influence over product purchase by 400%.[i] As…


Recreating the Ear of the Markets – Part I

Ever since Mr. Reuter replaced carrier pigeons with telegraphy, the history of markets has been a race to capture market sensitive information. But the challenge lies not just in gathering the data, but distilling it to what really counts. In the days of open outcry there was something called ‘the ear of the market’. Traders…