The Bank of the Future – Banco do Brazil

Brazil is one of the world's coolest countries and greatest economies. While the U.S. payment system remains heavily paper based, Brazil has enjoyed one of the most automated and advanced payment systems anywhere. So it is no surprise to see a Brazilian bank racing ahead in the journey to build the Bank of the Future.

Next generation ATMs, line busting, interactive walls and smartphone channels all converge together in a unique customer experience that targets customers from Gen Y to baby boomers. A common user interface is key to a compelling customer experience that recognizes the branch as a focal point in building enduring customer relationships. The technology of Kinect can provide in-branch entertainment as well as more engaging customer interactions replacing transactions with conversations.

Another key factor is the integration between the front office and the bank office. For the customer to enjoy a truly personal service, the systems in the back office have to connect with the screens in the branch. From mobile banking to core banking, creating an integrated platform is critical to success. ESignature and eSignage depend on electronic content management and Unified Communications for success - all critical building blocks in the Bank of the Future. The paperless bank is a straight through process.

While it all looks so easy when you see it, there's a huge amount of work involved. Customer needs must be clearly understood and a close partnership built between the bank and its technology providers.

Ultimately, none of this makes any sense unless the customers are really happy.

Happy customers seem to be the Banco do Brazil's biggest win.

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Co-authored with Marcus Amaral, Microsoft Brazil

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