Ten Years from Now – Financial Services and Technology

Clay Wilson was excited about the start of a new decade, the second of the 21st century. His start-up company was enjoying its first year of profitability, but he was too tired to drive home. So he put his car on auto-drive. His GPS chose the best route given weather and traffic and asked his kitchen to have his meal ready by the time he arrived.

Free from the worry of the road ahead, Clay switched on his TV. The evening news filled his window. The headlines spoke of an earthquake - hundreds killed and a relief fund organized. Clay said 'bank' and his bank's portal captured a corner of the screen. "$1,000 Earthquake Relief Fund," he added and the fund was immediately credited.

Commercials followed. One stood out - the new chip phone from Microsoft - a slither in size, but immense in power and connectivity.  Again he called up his bank screen and said "buy Microsoft Chip Phone". A message gave the delivery date. An advert for accessories appeared. Clay pounced on a sleek leather cover.

"Markets", whispered Clay. Stock details lit areas of market opportunity in the form of 3D buildings (www.aqumin.com). One caught his attention. "Buy 100," he said pointing to a symbol. The trade was settled immediately.

A screen phone announced an incoming call. It was London and Hong Kong. "Hello," cried Clay and a virtual meeting room appeared complete with his and his colleague's avatars.  "We need financing" said Hong Kong. "I'll call the bank," replied Clay. "John," he said, and his banker's avatar emerged in a separate corner. "Hong Kong is on," replied Clay. "Are you on board?"

"Absolutely," replied John. "Shall we issue a prospectus?" Clay's investment bank began life as a social network and had a huge community of investors. "It will be out today."

By now Clay was home, his meal ready; his wine uncorked. It had been a great day.




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