Format MDX & DAX: web service for formatting is available


I created a simple web-service that formats MDX or DAX query into plain text, Rtf or Html. The address of the web-service is

All the methods of the web-service are listed below.  There are 2 flavor of every method - without custom settings(=with default settings) or with custom settings.

  • FormatAsHtml
  • FormatAsHtmlWithSettings
  • FormatAsPlainText
  • FormatAsPlainTextWithSettings
  • FormatAsRtf
  • FormatAsRtfWithSettings





Comments (5)

  1. Alexey says:

    I`d used tool, there is MDX formatting using this service. I have a bug: Dimensions named by russian, incorrect returns. For example:  Original name = ({[Дата документа].[Календарь ГМД].[All], after formatting = [Äàòà äîêóìåíòà].[Êàëåíäàðü ÃÌÄ].[All]. There is incorrect encoding. I think better using Unicode codepage

  2. Alexey says:

    Sorry, i`ve test now FormatAsPlainText – All correct. I think is another problem

  3. Encoding problem says:

    This is not an encoding problem.  This is a problem of the font – it does not know how to draw cyrilic symbols.  Try setting Russian as dispay language.

  4. Stefano says:

    I find your tool very useful for debugging mdx queries.

    Could you please add a Copy to clipboard button in the web form?

    I usually run the formatted query in Sql Management Studio.

    Manually copying the formatted query each time is a bit error prone, at least for me.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Pawan Kumar Khowal says:

    I am creating a small utility and would like to consume your webservice. I hope its fine with you. Thanks in advance.

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