PivotViewer Extension for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Microsoft has released last year (2010) a new Silverlight control called PivotViewer. This new control helps us to make better use of the growing amounts of information around us by visualizing thousands of things at once in a way that reveals the relationships which connect them. At the heart of the PivotViewer control are “Collections”. They combine large groups of similar items, so we can begin viewing the relationships between individual pieces of information in a new way. By visualizing hidden patterns, PivotViewer enables users to discover and act on new insights.

Part of the BI Labs, I have prototyped a new concept that couples the PivotViewer control with a utility that uses Reporting Services to automatically generate this type of collections. We showcased this concept at the BI conference in New Orleans 2010 with overwhelming support and interest from our community of BI enthusiasts and are making this demo available here to those that would like to evaluate it in their own sandbox environments. The project is already at CTP2 milestone, used by thousands of people, many corporations using it in a production environment. We also use it within Microsoft (e.g. Xbox, Microsoft Finance etc).

Please visit the BI Labs page of the project - it contains presentation and tutorial videos and a link from which you can download the bits (which also contain a detailed documentation and sample data). The initial blog of the project (where you can find more information about the project) is here.

Please let me know what you think!

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  1. Dan says:

    Awesome to have it here!

  2. jorgeghr says:

    This looks interesting is there any demos available, that contain business data?

  3. Allan says:

    What we need desperately is SUPPORT for it… Any path to RTM? We are your loyal customers :), have 20+ server deployed with it and it seems that there are no more releases and no support.

  4. Ionut says:

    Cristi, totul merge perfect daca folosesc Adomd.NET pentru Analysis Services, insa daca folosesc o conexiune OLEDB imi da o eroare ceva de genul "object type not supported". Nu e foarte important, insa eram curios, e un bug? Exista vreun loc pentru deschis incidente? Exista centru de suport? La Microsoft Romania nu stie nimeni de asa ceva…

  5. @jorgeghr: The bits that you download contain a sample with some (sample) business data – pretty much the same one as in the videos. If you're asking if we have a hosted service where you can play with data, no we don't have, unfortunately

    @Allan: The purpose of the BILabs projects was to gather feedback to see how excited people are about these ideas. We'll incorporate, probably, PivotViewer technology in the next version(s) of SQL Server, not yet sure how. However, as this is just a "concept car", there is no formal support for it

    @Ionut: Intr-adevar, este un bug, insa cu MDX/Analysis Services trebuie sa folosesti Adomd.NET nu OLEDB (in PivotViewer for SSRS), bugul nu este foarte important. Referitor la centrul de support, din pacate, nu, nu exista (vezi mai sus raspunsul meu pentru Allan).

    Thanks all!

  6. Andrew Sadler says:

    Any update on progression of this product – it has been a little while since CTP 2, and I am keen to know how it will materialise as a full product/control/… that i can use for our customers/prospects.  

    Many thanks


  7. Michael says:

    Looks like it has been a while since updates have happened to this page.  I am curious about this component yet I only see CTP2 nothing beyond.  Has this been dropped as a supported product?  Has it evolved into something new?

    Please provide some insight into this.  Thanks!

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