Occam’s Razor and the Data Science Project

The Microsoft Business Analytics and AI components from Microsoft is not a single platform, but actually a group of related products and features. Why so many? Couldn’t someone just use Microsoft R Server, or Azure ML, or Hadoop to create a solution? Isn’t the simplest solution always the best? Well, yes, but only inasmuch as it is as simple as it should be….


The Hardest Thing In Data Science

When I started down the path of learning Data Science, I was nervous. Ihave to work hard at math – it’s a skill I love but one that does not come naturally to me. I was nervous because I thought the most daunting task I would face in Data Science was learning all the algebra, statistics,…


In the Cloud, Everything Costs Money

I’ve been teaching my daughter about budgeting. I’ve explained that most of the time the money coming in is from only one or two sources – and you can only change that from time to time. The money going out, however, is to many locations, and it changes all the time. She’s made a simple…


Preparation is key to a successful cloud deployment

If you want to be wise, watch the actions and outcomes of others. Emulate the successful actions, and avoid the actions that cause failure. That’s true in life in general – and in technology projects in specific.  I’ve worked with several clients who have created or migrated an application to “the cloud” – meaning using…


Application Lifecycle Management Overview for Windows Azure

Developing in Windows Azure is at once not that much different from what you’re familiar with in on-premises systems, and different in significant ways. Because of these differences, developers often ask about the specific process to develop and deploy a Windows Azure application – more formally called an Application Lifecycle Management, or ALM. There are…


Team Foundation Server (TFS) in the Cloud – My Experience So Far

I recently joined a software development project that involves not only myself and other internal Microsoft employees, but a partner and a customer as well. We are building a hybrid solution that uses assets on premises as well as Windows Azure for processing. When we put the team together we picked a methodology (Agile) for…


How I Prepare For Presentations, And My Speaking Schedule For This Quarter

I do a little speaking here and there and I’ve been asked about the method I use to get ready for a talk. I thought I might share the method I use, although as you read through this remember that not everyone has the same style, processes and procedures they use. As long as you…


Head in the Clouds–Eyes on the Books

I normally post technical topics here on this blog, but I’m extending this post a bit to include a little professional development. Don’t worry; there’s some tech (and Distributed Computing tech, no less) in this post as well. I recently presented a few sessions on a “SQL Cruise” to Alaska (more on that here) and…


Computer books are dead. Well, some of them, anyway.

I read a lot. I mean a LOT. It seems that computer professionals have much in common with medical professionals – we have to read in order to stay on top of our game. For me, this used to mean web sites, magazines, and other print medium, and of course lots of books. I’ve even…


Where is the SQL Azure Development Environment

Recently I posted an entry explaining that you can develop in Windows Azure without having to connect to the main service on the Internet, using the Software Development Kit (SDK) which installs two emulators – one for compute and the other for storage. That brought up the question of the same kind of thing for…