Seatbelt Learning with Uncle Buck

I travel a great deal for my work. For instance, in the next two weeks alone, I’ll travel from Florida to Hong Kong for a week, then from Hong Kong to London for a week, and then from London back to Tampa – I’ll circumnavigate the globe for just two Data Science trips. I’m home…


A Quick Start for Data Science

I’ve covered the Data Science Body of Knowledge here on this blog, and there’s quite a bit there to get started with. But if you’d like a “quicker” introduction to Data Science, I have you covered. You might want to see if you’re really interested, explain to your boss what Data Science is, or maybe you’re just…


Learning on the Move

Probably the most interesting reactions I get (and that’s saying a lot) is when I tell people that I teach on a cruise. “A cruise? Like on a ship, or something? Like, a regular cruise?” Yes, I’ll reply, THAT kind of cruise. At first, people laugh, but then you can see the wheels turn and they ask for details…


Don’t learn to be a Data Scientist

It’s my custom to learn continuously – I keep a technical book, course, or class going at all times, and the latest I completed was a course called “Learning How to Learn” on Coursera. (highly recommended, by the way). The instructors covered an interesting topic in that course – that you should not focus on the result of…


The Data Science Laboratory Series is Complete

I wrote a series of articles on creating a Data Science Laboratory over on Simple-Talk – you can find the complete list of articles below. The series covers installing various software tools and packages on a Virtual Machine running the Windows operating system. I think there’s no substitute for installing, configuring and experimenting with various…


Staying Current on Technology for your Organization

As a Technical Professional, your company, firm, group or organization looks to you for guidance on their technical systems. You’re expected to apply the best technology solutions that you can to a given business or science problem or opportunity. That can be quite difficult to do. If you are in a vertical knowledge role, expected…


Create your own MCM Program – Learning to Learn

A lot of electronic ink has been spilled over our recent (and sudden) announcement that we are retiring the highest-level certifications here at Microsoft. At the same time, I’ll be teaching a one-day class at the SQL Saturday event in Cambridge, UK on certifications. Are certifications worth the effort anymore, and should you attend the…


The Windows Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Windows Azure Training Kit (WATK)

Windows Azure is a platform that allows you to write software, run software, or use software that we’ve already written. We provide lots of resources to help you do that – many can be found right here in this blog series. There are two primary resources you can use, and it’s important to understand what…


Windows Azure End to End Examples

I’m fascinated by the way people learn. I’m told there are several methods people use to understand new information, from reading to watching, from experiencing to exploring. Personally, I use multiple methods of learning when I encounter a new topic, usually starting with reading a bit about the concepts. I quickly want to put those…


Book Review (Book 10) – The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

This is a continuation of the books I challenged myself to read to help my career – one a month, for year. You can read my first book review here, and the entire list is here. The book I chose for March 2012 was: The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood by James Gleick….