Big Data and the Cloud - More Hype or a Real Workload?

Last week Microsoft announced several new offerings for “Big Data” – and since I’m a stickler for definitions, I wanted to make sure I understood what that really means. What is “Big Data”? What size hard drive is that? After all, my laptop has 1TB of storage – is my laptop “Big Data”? There are…


Daily DBA: Check Database Backups

From time to time I post some of the things I do to check my systems each day. Sometimes I use PowerShell, sometimes the Management Data Warehouse, and sometimes I use a Policy from Policy Based Management (PBM). For the backup checks, I use a combination – I use a PowerShell command to evaluate a…


Best Practices Policy Based Management from PowerShell

I’m working on my Policies (SQL Server 2008 Policy Based Management) for my environments that I manage. I use them to check the maintenance, show system state, and in some cases, to prevent actions from occurring when I don’t want them to. I was asked if Microsoft provides any "out of the box" Policies, and…


Enterprise Policy Management Framework

A good friend of mine, Lara Rubbelke, created a great framework for Policy Based Management. It uses a combination of PowerShell and Reporting Services along with PBM to help you track multiple servers, and keep them in compliance. She’s posted the whole thing here:   Enjoy!