The Grand Unified Theory

I’ve mentioned before that Books Online isn’t just a client install, but the same content is also available on the web. In fact, it’s available in two places on the web:SQL Server 2005 BOL on TechNet: Server 2005 BOL on MSDN: Now why would we do that? Well, you may not be aware…


Stupid BOL Tricks – #1

I just found this out today. If you have Books Online installed on your system, did you know you can look at the local content in a regular old web browser? At the top of a Books Online topic, you’ll see a URL bar. The URL starts with  ms-help://, which is really just another protocol…


How Do I Do That?

Did you know you can quickly locate all kinds of topics that walk you step-by-step through a lot of the common tasks in SQL Server, from backups to creating a report in Reporting Services? In the local client (DExplorer) tool, just look on the top bar for the “How do I” button and click it….


Great new Learning Resource

We have a lot of content out there – a LOT. But how do you find it all?  We have a great new resource that one of our team members put together. It’s a customized Windows Live search, that limits results to Books Online. Check this out, and make sure you let your contacts know…


Is Books Online Online?

“Books Online” has become an industry standard for documentation, with a really long history. Before it became so large, it used to actually be a set of books, and you could read them electronically, hence the name. But Books Online is no longer published as a book (it’s far too large for that), although it…


Using the Search Feature

SQL Server Books Online is an absolutely huge resource. With over 58,000 pages that change several times a year, it’s like getting all of the books at one time that you are ever going to use from Grade-School through College. Not only that, it is used by beginners, intermediates and experts; by developers, DBAs and…


SQL Server 2005 Books Online is Updated!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, SQL Server is updated several times a year – our team calls this a “web refresh”. Isn’t it great that we come up with new words to describe things? Anyway, SQL Server Service Pack 2 just released, and Books Online must be updated right after you finish…


SQL Server Books Online

Most of us have stacks of books on our shelves about SQL Server. But you also have an amazing resource that you get for free with SQL Server, or even on the web: Books Online. Some of you might not know how SQL Server Books Online is put together and what goes into it, so…