Script of the day: Show last backups of all databases

There are lots of these out on the web, so here’s the one I’ve used for years – Thanks, Joseph!   /* usc_Show_Last_Backup.sql Author: Joseph Sack (6/13/2000) Edited By: Buck Woody Purpose: Shows the last time the databases were backed up. */ SELECT as Database_Name, ISNULL(STR(ABS(DATEDIFF(day, GetDate(), MAX(Backup_finish_date)))), ‘NEVER’) as DaysSinceLastBackup, ISNULL(Convert(char(10), MAX(backup_finish_date), 101),…


Sustained Engineering Process

In an earlier post I mentioned how we create the initial ideas for our software features. This may be a different process than you’ve seen at other software shops. Another big difference in the way the SQL Server organization does things is how we implement those ideas in the coding process. This has been talked…


Change it! No wait, Leave it Alone!

We’ve used two major system management paradigms for SQL Server: The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and the Visual Studio shared components. In early versions of SQL Server, we had Enterprise Manager for most management tasks from a graphical standpoint and Query Analyzer (QA) for command entry. This suited some people fine – many told us…


Marketing Drivel versus Technical Information

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is trying to find technical information on a product, and running into marketing documents instead. Actually, I’ve run into the other situation as well – I want marketing information to back up some buying decisions or just for the graphics to present to the execs and…


How do we create software at Microsoft?

Back when I worked in the User Education group as a content developer, I wrote an entry in this blog that described how we put documentation and other information together for SQL Server. I thought I would follow that up now that I’m in a new group and explain where the basic thoughts come from…


OK – My SQL Server Management Studio environment is *really* messed up now

One of the advantages with placing the Management Studio for SQL Server in the Visual Studio shell is the ability to float the windows, pin them, and generally move them around. But sometimes you can get yourself into a situation where everything is pretty gummed up, and you can’t quite find where the windows you…


SQL Server 2008 CTP4 Virtual Machine Available

You can find the latest release of SQL Server 2008 in a convenient Microsoft Virtual Machine format here: ·         Microsoft Connect SQL Server ·         Microsoft Download Center Enjoy!


Script of the Day: Find UTC from Current Offset

I don’t remember where I got this function, but I needed it for a distributed system where I needed a standard time unit. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but this worked out for me: /* fn_ConvertToUTC.SQL Convert local time to UTC Author: Unknown Date: 08/28/2007 */ CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fn_ConvertToUTC (@InDate datetime)…


DR 101 Reminder

It’s that time again – with all the storms brewing in the various tropics and fall approaching here in the Northwest of the US, we should all check our Disaster Recovery (DR) plans. I used to live in Florida, and during my many years there I faced several hurricanes and tropical storms. More than once…


Why does a light switch move up to turn on the light? (And why do we say "turn on" the light?)

I read a great book last night called “The Psychology of Everyday Things” by Donald Norman. It’s actually an older book that explores what works and what doesn’t from a usability perspective. That’s interesting to my group since we are in charge of the management tools in SQL Server. One of the interesting studies he…