New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year! Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I don’t do that. Instead, my family and I always go out first thing New Year’s Day (we don’t party much on New Year’s Eve – I know, I’m kinda weird like that) and find a food joint that is open. We have a little leather…


Shameless Self-Promotion

I wrote a two-part article over on that you may want to check out on “How to become a DBA”. Even if you already are a DBA, it’s a great resource to point aspiring applicants to:  


The Most Important Skill You Can Have

OK – it’s a little light in some of the hallways because of Christmas, so I had a few minutes to actually chat with some friends. We played one of those mental games where you ask “if you could only have one thing for X, what would it be”. I was asked the question, “if…


SQL Server Internals Course

We normally don’t recommend one product or vendor over another, but sometimes there is an industry-recognized expert that has something particularly valuable. Kalen Delaney has a course you might be interested in – definitely check it out. It’s a course, which will soon be offered on DVD, of the SQL Server 2005 Internals. You should also…


Sticking to Standards

I was working on a Functional Specification today, and I opened a tool to create two UML diagrams. We use UML as a standard, so I normally create fairly detailed use case and sequence diagrams for the developers. I find it’s a great tool for us to be able to talk to each other very…