Public Data Sources – finding them and using them

A quick post here on some valuable data sources you can use in your HDInsight, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, APS, and other products to enrich your data. Sometimes it’s helpful just to peruse through various sources to see what you can put together to gain more insight and answers. If you know of other sources, feel free to reply and I’ll update this post from time to time. Note that this isn't just a "link dump", the links here refer to pages of links and even tools you can use to find the sets of data you're looking for. I use these quite a bit in my work. 

Description Link
List from Data Science Central   

100+ Interesting Data Sets for Statistics

Microsoft Azure Datasets

Google's Datasets Search Engine

ImportIO - Make your own datasets from webpages

Database Format of Wikipedia articles

Journalistic Datasets

United States government data sets

United States government statistics sets

United States weather data

World Bank Data

USA Financial Analysis from New York University

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