I Could Sure Use Some Windows Azure Code Samples…

There are multiple ways to learn, and one of the most effective is with examples. You have multiple options with Windows Azure, including the Software Development Kit, the Windows Azure Training Kit and now another one…. the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework,, a free, centralized code sample library driven by developers' real-world pains and needs. The goal is to provide customer-driven code samples for all Microsoft development technologies, and Windows Azure is included.

Once you hit the site, you download an EXE that will create a web-app based installer for a Code Browser.


Once inside, you can configure where the samples store data and other settings, and then search for what you want.


You can also request a sample – if enough people ask, we do it. OneCode also partnered with gallery and Visual Studio team to develop this Sample Browser Visual Studio extension.  It’s an easy way for developers to find and download samples from within Visual Studio.  

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