Hello Seattle….I’m Listening….. The Windows Azure Team Wants Your Feedback

That line (well, the first part anyway) is from the TV Show “Frasier”, set here in Seattle in the U.S. I’m putting on my studio headphones, leaning over the Internet and listening intently. The Windows Azure team wants to hear from you.

And we’re happy to respond – as we have already. You’re always welcome to let us know what you want for us to work on, but I wanted to bring two particular items to your attention this week:

The Windows Azure Management Portal team is working to improve the portal user interface.  A very critical aspect of this effort involves doing research with you, by collecting data and your feedback in a variety of ways, such as surveys, interviews, usability studies and site visits. 

To that end, we are creating a panel of subject matter experts and Windows Azure end users that are interested, willing and able to provide feedback that we will be asking for on a fairly regular basis (probably about once or twice a month).  Some of the studies we would be needing your help with will require interview sessions or surveys that could last more than 30 minutes, others will be very brief questions about the UI that we need quick feedback on.  For the lengthier research studies, we will provide a gratuity (as long as you are allowed to accept it). 

If you are interested in this opportunity to take part in user experience research that will inform the Azure Management Portal design and interaction model, please contact Sabina: sawebb@microsoft.com.  Likewise, if you have any questions about user experience research and the expectations for the subject-matter expert panel, please send Sabina a note.

The next place we could use your advice is on the documentation for Windows Azure. We’re taking the approach of writing what you want to know more about, instead of dictating that to you. You can go to this site, and vote for your topics or submit new ones.

Here’s wishing you good Azure health. :)

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  1. Jason says:

    I'd be pleased to see the Azure management console work w/ Moonlight.

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