Windows Azure Learning Plan – Compute

This is one in a series of posts on a Windows Azure Learning Plan. You can find the main post here. This one deals with the "compute" function of Windows Azure, which includes Configuration Files, the Web Role, the Worker Role, and the VM Role.


Videos, tutorials, overviews and offers for both .NET and PHP programming for Windows Azure are here: 


A step-by-step programming guide for Windows Azure is here:


The Application Lifecycle Management guide is here:


Configuration Files

Configuration Files define the environment for a Windows Azure application, similar to an ASP.NET application. This section explains how to work with these.

General Introduction and Overview

Service Definition File Schema

Service Configuration File Schema 

Windows Azure Web Role

The Web Role runs code (such as ASP pages) that require a User Interface.

Web Role "Boot Camp" Video

Web Role Deployment Checklist 

Using a Web Role as a Worker Role for Small Applications

Windows Azure Worker Role

 The Worker Role is used for code that does not require a direct User Interface.

Worker Role "Boot Camp" Video

Worker Role versus Web Roles

Deploying other applications (like Java) in a Windows Azure Worker Role

Windows Azure VM Role

The Windows Azure VM Role is an Operating System-level mechanism for code deployment.

VM Role Overview and Details

 The proper use of the VM Role

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