Windows Azure Learning Plan – Other Features

This is one in a series of posts on a Windows Azure Learning Plan. You can find the main post here. This one deals with the Application Fabric for Windows Azure. It serves three main purposes - Access Control, Caching, and as a Service Bus.


Overview and Training

Overview and general  information about other Azure features - what they are, how they work, and where you can learn more.

General Introduction and Overview

Access Control Service Overview

Microsoft Documentation

Learning and Examples

Sources for online and other Azure feature training

Application SDK

Caching Service Primer

Hands-On Lab: Building Windows Azure Applications with the Caching Service


 Azure  Internals and Architectures for Scale Out and other use-cases.

Azure Features Architecture Guide

Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus - A Deep Dive (Video)

Access Control Service (ACS) High Level Architecture

Applications  and Programming

Programming Patterns and Architectures for SQL Azure systems.

Various Examples from PDC 2010 on using Azure Application as a Service Bus

Creating a Distributed Cache

 Azure Java SDK

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