Windows Azure Learning Plan – Security

This is one in a series of posts on a Windows Azure Learning Plan. You can find the main post here. This one deals with Security for  Windows Azure.


General Security Information

Overview and general  information about Windows Azure Security - what it is, how it works, and where you can learn more.

Security RFI Responses

General Security Whitepaper – answers most questions 

Overview of Azure Security

Azure Security Resources

Cloud Computing Security Considerations

Video Series on Azure Security 

Physical Security for Microsoft’s Online Computing

Information on the Infrastructure and Locations for Azure Physical Security.

The Global Foundation Services Group at Microsoft handles physical security

Microsoft’s Security Response Center

Software Security for Microsoft’s Online Computing

Steps we take as a company to develop secure software

Windows Azure is developed using the Trustworthy Computing Initiative and

Identity and Access in the Cloud

Security Steps you should take

While Microsoft takes great pains to secure the infrastructure, platform and code for Windows Azure, you have a responsibility to write secure code. These pointers can help you do that.

Securing your cloud architecture, step-by-step

Security Guidelines for Windows Azure 

Best Practices for Windows Azure Security

Cloud Security Guidelines from NIST

Understanding Encryption (great overview and tutorial)

Securing your Connection Strings (SQL Azure)

Getting started with Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) quickly

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