Buck Woody Is on Cloud Nine

Microsoft has a culture of “movement”. We encourage our employees to accept new roles, moving forward, rounding out their technical knowledge, taking on new challenges and stretching their intellectual muscles.

Today I’m announcing that I’m joining an amazing cast of technical professionals on the Windows Azure team, including people like David Cutler (The guy who wrote most of Windows NT, among other operating systems) and Dr. Mark Russinovich as a Senior Technical Specialist on Cloud Technologies. I’ll still be here in Seattle, but Instead of focusing solely on SQL Server, I’ll be assisting you with thinking about where the cloud technologies make sense, and how you can use them. I start the new role in October, but I'll continue many of my previous engagements (such as PASS and so on) through the end of the year.

Although I’ve been working with database technologies for over 25 years, this wasn’t a hard decision. In fact, I’ll still be working with Data. I’ve preached for quite some time that data professionals should embrace the cloud (not the buzzword, the utility computing model) and understand where it fits. Well, now I’m putting my efforts where my message is.

I’ll still be working with data. In the coming months I’ll show you how you can expose your SQL Server, Oracle and other systems to the cloud without sacrificing security and on-premise installations. I’ll explain SQL Azure - where it fits and where it doesn’t.  At the core of it all – it’s still data. It’s still the technology to take input, process it, store it, and output it. But it’s a brave new world. From online apps to new hardware devices that are re-defining the way we use computing resources, it’s a utility. When I looked at the Azure team and Microsoft’s strategy for the future, it was easy to say “yes” when I got the offer.

On the more “nuts and bolts” of my day to day, yes, I’ll still be speaking at PASS this year, along with SQL Bits, SQL Connections and more. I’m still teaching a database course at the University of Washington. And I’m still writing SQL Server articles at InformIT.com. You’ll see my work change, but not my focus. I’ll still blog here every week, and I’ll have a special focus on the data professional – from administration to development (gasp) and business intelligence. As Azure grows, I’ll explain how you can use it. It’s another tool in the toolbox, and I’m excited to be part of the next wave of distributed computing.

Exciting times to come – stay tuned.

Comments (7)

  1. SQLRockstar says:

    Wonderful news! I am looking forward to seeing your work in this area.

  2. Kevin Hazzard says:

    Congrats, Buck. Microsoft's cloud story will be better because you're involved.

    — Kevin

  3. Mark Broadbent says:

    Congratulations. I strongly believe SQL and Windows Azure has a very exciting future and look forward to seeing their development which I'm sure you'll play a big part.



  4. stevlin says:

    "You can't go.  The plants will die!"

    On a more serious note, congratulations.

    I think Azure (aka the cloud) is a perfect place for many SQL and Dynamics customers.  It makes a lot of sense to have tecnologists focus on what they are good at (technology) and let businesses focus on whay they are good at (business).

  5. swynk says:

    Congrats Buck!  Seems like a perfect fit indeed.  Can't wait to learn more!

  6. mbourgon says:

    Congrats! Hopefully you'll continue to espouse the DBA's role, since sometimes it doesn't feel like enough people are – too focused on the developers developers developers rather than the DBAs.

  7. Adron Hall says:

    Glad to see you bouncing into Azure.  Really love the platform, looking forward to your work on that team!!  :)

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