Links for Patterns and Practices for the Data Professional

I spoke at a meeting last evening in Richmond, Virginia (thanks everyone there for being such a great group) about "Patterns and Practices for the Data Professional". Here are the links I mentioned in that class:

Links for Patterns and Practices


I delivered a “Patterns and Practices for the Database Professional” presentation in Richmond, Virginia, and promised to share the links in a single location. Here are a few that I found that were very useful:


Patterns and Practices Developer Center:

Microsoft Solution Accelerators:

Application Architecture Guides:

Application Architecture Guide Free Book:

Microsoft Operations Framework:

Patterns and Practices Symposium:


Patterns and Practices document from Microsoft, for data:

Article by Brian Knight on Database Standards and Conventions:

SQL Server Best Practices:

Also - The information for making a "default template" for SSMS queries is here in this post: 

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  1. Geoff Johnson says:

    Thanks for coming all the way across the country to present to our SQL User Group! I have only been a member of this group for about a year, but the quality of the presenters is always excellent, and you certainly maintained that standard. Thanks also for taking the time to talk with me after the session about how to overcome data loss when restoring backups. I came away from your session with an awareness that one of the primary motivations for writing my blog ( is to provide "patterns and practices" for our customers who want to do SQL-based reporting on their data. Your presentation also underscored the fact that re-usable code is not, by itself, a "pattern"; it must be coupled with documentation and a reference implementation. I suppose I should have known that intuitively, but your talk put it in black and white. Thanks again!

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