TechEd 2010 Day Two – No SQL Server in Sight

Today I worked the booth at TechEd 2010, manning the new “Surface” computer, which is just the coolest object on the planet. After that I didn’t attend a single SQL Server session – instead I’ve been frequenting SharePoint, Microsoft Office, and even the High-Performance Computing sessions. The reason is that I get really high quality SQL Server presentations at PASS, SQL Saturdays, and online from Microsoft and other vendors. While there are SQL Server sessions here (after all, I’m giving one of them!) I tend to try and see things that I don’t normally get to learn about. And the cross-pollination between those technologies and mine is fantastic.


I’ve even managed to go to an Entity Framework presentation for the developers. I actually have (a little) more respect for that technology – and I’ve modified my presentation to encompass more of that information.

So whenever you have the chance, take a walk outside your comfort zone. Even at PASS and SQL Saturdays (and certainly online) you can investigate technologies other than the ones you know best. 

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