I think I’ve finally made it in life. I have a Bobblehead.

I have no idea why the Marketing group at Microsoft made me into a Bobblehead. Other than this is awesome!

I think I’ll call him “Lil Buck”.


bobblehead 002 bobblehead 001

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  1. RJBOOK says:

    Very nice, but what's with the Suit, vest, and tie? Is that standard Microsoft garb these days? At least they didn't put you in a turtleneck ;-)

  2. Eric Travers says:

    That is frakking cool!

  3. ladyRuna says:

    The bobble head should be wearing a kilt!

  4. Brian Tkatch says:

    "Lil Buck"? Howsabout "Buckyhead"?

    Congratulations! :)

  5. Jack Corbett says:

    So how do you get one?

  6. bj fentress says:

    Yes! Yes! How do you get one??? It'll be the 'tickle me elmo' of bobble heads… :)

  7. Ella says:

    Hilarious! Congratulations :)

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