Today I talk about you

Some time back I posted a blog entry (mirrored here and here) asking you how you design databases. Out of those responses, my own experience, studies I read, and interviews I conducted, I collected a wealth of data. Thanks for your responses.

So what am I going to do with that information? Well, all along I had planned for that to be used today. I am giving a presentation at an event called “TechReady” called “How Your Customers Design Databases”. This is a Microsoft-internal event, where technical professionals like myself, salespeople, and the product team get together to talk about what has been working, what doesn’t, what is coming and hopefully (fingers crossed here) what the product team can do to help us help the SQL Server community.

I’ve mentioned before that I teach database design as part of a course I run at the University of Washington. I’m also planning to give a mini-lecture from that series at TechEd 2010, so if you’re coming stop by. I’d love to meet you.

So today I talk about you – thanks for the input. I hope you and I can make a difference in the product. Might take a while, but it’s nice to know your voice is being heard.

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